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PESWiki:Be bold in updating pages

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The PESWiki community encourages users to 'be BOLD in updating articles'.

Be BOLD in updating …
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There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2]s develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise, and so on. We expect everyone to be bold: it's okay. Boldness is expected. How many times have you read something and thought, "Why aren't these pages copy-edited?" PESWiki not only allows you to add, revise, and edit the article — we want you to do it. It does require some amount of politeness, but it works. You'll see.

If someone writes an inferior article, a merely humorous article, an article stub, or outright patent nonsense, don't worry that editing it might hurt their feelings. Correct it, add to it, and, if it's total nonsense, replace it. That's the nature of a Wiki. Many new contributions are lost from the system with straight deletes but that loss adds to the sharpness of the medium. In time too much information will overwhelm the deleters and subtlety will be left in. Also, of course, others here will boldly and mercilessly edit what you write. Don't take it personally. They, like all of us, just want to make PESWiki as good as it can possibly be.

… but don't be reckless!

New users in particular are often entranced by the openness of PESWiki and dive right in. That's a good thing. But please note: 'be bold in updating pages' does not mean that you should make large changes or deletions to long articles on complex subjects with long histories without carefully looking at your edit. In addition, making large-scale changes to There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3]s, which are recognized as PESWiki's There was an error working with the wiki: Code[4]s for their completeness is often a bad idea.

In many such cases the text as you find it has come into being after long and arduous negotiations between PESWikins of diverse backgrounds and points of view. An incautious edit to such an article can be likened to stirring up a hornet's nest, and other users who are involved in the page may react angrily. Reaching consensus in PESWiki without resorting to the more painful aspects of dispute resolution is the extension of the harmonious editing process, it is useful for breaking deadlocks and/or keeping discussion moving rapidly, attaining consensus on changes as they are being made.

This method is typically used by experienced wiki-editors on policy or high profile pages, when all else has failed. Large amounts of diplomacy are required to pull it off successfully there. You can try to use it in less tricky situations too, but take great care when doing so. It generally helps to discuss problems with the page before entering the cycle this seems to help keep things a bit calmer. Note that the cycle generally just gets editing going, and helps get people to cooperate on editing. There is no guarantee that the outcome will be as you expect. Be prepared to be flexible!

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