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PESWiki:Abuse:Disfigurement of Legitimate Content

Lasted edited by Andrew Munsey, updated on June 15, 2016 at 2:11 am.

  • This page has been imported from the old peswiki website. This message will be removed once updated.

Purposely sabotaging legitimate content is an act of vandalism.

Those who post such will be banned from further activity on the site.

If you find such material, feel free to revert the page back to its last legitimate version, or PESWiki:Contact the instance so we can do it. Thanks.

Letigimate Response

If you take exception to the content of a page, feel free to ad a "Skeptics" section, and articulate your view, or post a link to where your view is reflected. Occasionally, a remark next to the statement in question is appriate.

It is always permissible to correct obvious errors such a typos, calculation errors, bad syntax.