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A Community-Built Listing of Pending 'Free Energy' Developments Sponsored by Pure Energy Systems

If you don't find what you're looking for here, you can add it!

Think of this page as kind of like the news but in the future: projects coming down the pike exciting things that are about to happen. Let us know about things that are shortly to unfold. Many listings here might not have a link because the specific entity cannot be named. Yes, this index page will be speculative in nature. Just for fun, really.

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Current events - coming conferences.

Coming Soon to PESWiki

...Your project. Feel free to use our service to post your information. Create a little web page about what you are doing and how it works and what it needs to move the next step forward in its progress to a functional device in the marketplace. Create an OS page if you want to just give the technology to the world.

Coming Soon (General)

Know of something? List it here. See that edit button. Just click on it, type in the box provided, preview, then submit, and your entry will be live here. It's that simple.


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