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Forcefield Wind TurbineOpen Sourcing Project

Permission Granted (Sept. 3, 2004).

Image:Raising MattB windmill 95.jpg
Forcefield operates a website in which they report how they have built working windmills from scratch. Their site includes instructional material to enable others to do the same.

PES has been given permission to replicate their plans here, with expansion.

ForceField's Website - "The Cutting Edge of Low Technology"

Getting Started

15-foot diamter homebrew wind turbine

14' Wind Turbines with Furling Tails: Stator and Magnet Rotors | Page 2: Assembly

15' Wind Turbine blade carving from scratch

Discussion Board

Image:MattB windmill standing 150.jpg

Matt B's homemade windmill

ForceField Contact

Contact page

877-944-6247 (toll-free in USA) or (970) 484-7257.

Mailing address:


2606 West Vine

Fort Collins, CO 80521

Retail Store:

614 South Mason St., Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

See also

Image:AE WindTurbine Plans sideblade 130.jpg

Directory:AE Wind Turbine Plans - A different design. Plans sell for $30.00.



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Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine

Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Directory:High Altitude Wind Power


Directory:Wind Augmentation

Directory:Power Via Atmospheric Pressure Differences


Directory:Humdinger Windbelt



Directory:Wind Power in the United Kingdom

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