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Jet-Turbine (Strahlturbine) developed by Viktor Schauberger.

His design was estimated to produce 9 times more power for a given water flow than with a conventionally designed water turbine.

The design also did not force water through immense pressure and heat which destroy the structure of water.

The water-vortex (jet of water) is produced inside a ribbed copper-cone, by the conical+ribbed shape and gravity, and the resulting water-jet is rolled into the copper-impeller, which turns the generator, producing energy in a silent, effective way. This method does not require a great deal of water, like conventional water-dam methods, and is absolutely silent.

Image:Schauberger jet turbine 117749.gif


Review:Book:Desborough:Blueprint For A Better World, Brian Desborough:

:...found to need only ten percent of the water required by commercial turbines for the same power output. ...Contains a conical impeller with two or more intertwining spiral grooves incorporated in its outer surface, into which the water emerging from the nozzle is entrained, in order to rotate the shaft of an electrical generator.... does not require the use of a dam. Instead, the water to power it is contained in a vertically oriented large diameter cylinder, ten feet or more in height. Due to the force of gravity and the elastic modulus (ed: fluid dynamics) of water, a very large amount of potential energy in the storage vessel is converted to kinetic energy as the water is released into the oscillator/(ed:impeller). A pump is used to pump the water exiting the turbine back to the storage vessel.

In practice, only a small fraction of the output energy is required to power the pump, thus making this device a true free energy system. Ideally, the storage vessel should be egg shaped, with the outlet to the oscillating valve possessing the configuration of a long hyperbolic parabola. This outlet configuration will induce a longitudinal vortical motion to the water prior to its flow through the oscillator, thus cooling and densifying the water. The return pipe from the turbine should enter the storage vessel tangentially, in order to assist in the formation of a vortical flow.


117749 Jet-Turbine patent in English from

This patent was applied for in 1926 and granted 10th of May 1930. It seems that Schauberger actually used a small turbine of this design in a stream of water near the forest wardens' building during those years, but no reliable records are available.


Schladming Group

Here are some interesting things about the Jet-Turbine:

in [Living Energies, by Callum Coats], Fig. 13.25 lists

:The Egg and Hyperbolic Cone arrangement built in 1986 by the members of the Schaldming Group at Birnberg, Austria.

:It is most probable that the intended electricity generator was that designed by Viktor Schauberger in the 1920s for which he received a Patent No. 117749 on the 10th May 1930.

:The PKS-Schladming Group: R. Harbacher, H. Zefferer, H. Schrempf, A. Schwab, T. Promberger, M. Dainhofer, V. Knaus, H. Mayer, 11 January 1986.

::I happened to see an example of a possible installation using this device while staying with Walter Schauberger in Austria. In 1986 we were invited to visit a group of enthusiasts living around the township of Schladming who were interested in the practical application of Viktor Schauberger's ideas and Walter Schauberger's mathematics, intending to produce their own electricity. On the property of one of their members living on the Birnberg, they had carefully constructed the combination of egg and hyperbolic cone shown in fig. 13.25, which was sourced from a nearby brook. Water from the stream was fed into the upper part of the egg tangentially, thereby providing the initial impulse for the creation of a vortex.

::At the time no generator had been installed and I was told it was being specially manufactured. At first I assumed that it would be a small conventional turbine but, knowing their keen interest in all things Schauberger, the impeller that was being built was probably the one described above. Unfortunately I have had no further contact with this group and therefore I cannot relate what was the outcome.

::Succesful or not, what this does show is that small groups of people working together cooperatively can provide their own sources of cheap power and can do much to re-establish their independence from centralised power and control over their lives. The problem that confronts us all, alas, is that it is the centralised electricity authorities who write the rules which ensure as far as possible that no-one can escape the net. The greater the number of people who are willing to challenge this central control over their independence, the more difficult it will become for those to continue holding such power over us.

Suppression of Schladming Group by government authorities

At the Pythagoras Kepler System (PKS) seminar held 08-09 june 2002, during the Callum Coats lecture, it proved that

: The Schladming Group (1980's) in Austria worked on a design based on an egg and hyperbolic cone. One delegate at the seminar knew the people conducting the experiments. Austrian authorities told them to stop their work before experiments were completed, using the excuse that they did not want to see these devices popping up all over the countryside. (See "Living Energies" Ch13 Pp176-7)

Book References

[Callum Coats: Living Energies]

[Callum Coats: Eco-Technology vol.1: The Water Wizard]

[Alick Bartholomew: Hidden Nature]

Brian Desborough: A Blueprint for a Better World


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User talk:Esaruoho ( ) and the viktorschaubergergroup


Dynamic Hydropower an article on Sepp Hasslberger's 'historical' website, focusing entirely on the 117749 Jet-Turbine patent.

Brian's Better World - link to original book by Brian Desborough, called A Blueprint For A Better World

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