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__NOTOC__Latest Telesis Project Developments

Latest Developments

Reverse chronological sequence



September 5 - Superconductor manufacture found in Europe and manufacture believes they can produce YBCO barium zirconate nanotechnology superconductor in approximately 3 weeks after they receive nanopowder. Updates to follow in coming weeks.



September 7 - Contributions for donations page set up


March 13 - See Free Energy News link]to "Nanotech Researchers create conveyer belt for magnetic flux vortices in superconductors". Original Press release March 11, 2006 EurekAlert.


January 3 - A United States superconductor manufacturer has YBCO superconductor, with which you may have BaZr03 added to the YBCO superconductor. Do not know if this is the Nano-Material or is a standard molecular material.



September 12 - Examine Nanotechnology Superconductors Link at Pure Energy system Go to Free Energy/Greater and Read Public Press Release Article Dated September 11. ( Original Public September 9 by LANL)


August 23-Search "Search Engines" with "uranium doped YBCO superconductors" to examine all data, graphs and text to see why this material is feasible and will make this a almost certain success.

Added - Endorsement, Skeptic, Calculation addition and OS:Telesis webpages.

August 9 - Richard Timko begins the OS:Telesis:Main Page, becoming the first project at PESWiki.

August 5 - PESWiki commences.


July 9 - Documented Description - page largely completed (was "prior art" document in composition).

July __ - PES decided to not do any "intended patents", but that all open source projects should be "open source" in the same sense used in the computer world -- no encumbrances.


June 23 - PES Open Source Site Commenced for Telesis Project. Initially, the project was going to include a 'patent intended' document, and a 'lisence terms' section.

June 19 - Richard Timko contacts Sterling Allan by email, initiating the project.


October 2003 - Richard documents the design in writing, with photos, and has five people sign as witnesses to establish origination of idea.


1985 - Device is first conceived by Richard Timko