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Statements of Endorsement

A., Engineer, is Cautiously Optimistic about Device Plausibility'''

From: [A., PES Engineer]

To: "Sterling D. Allan"

Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 3:29 AM

Subject: Re: REPORT: Timko phone conference

Regarding my chat with Richard,

Richard's device uses an articulated magnetic shield to intermittently expose the stator magnets to the rotor magnets when the torque angles are appropriate. Even with the photos, I was unable to get a working understanding of the general arrangement and how the mechanism articulates. I am somewhat apprehensive about the intermittent contact between the rotor and the shield actuators, which will likely cause wear, noise, and speed limitations. However, it is likely that we can come up with a smooth mechanism to clean this up. A video of the mechanism in action or a diagram depicting the device in various states would be useful.

Richard has chosen a superconducting material for the shield, based on the advise of a colleague. Without doing my own research into superconductor applications, I cannot vouch for the integrity of this approach. Regarding the cooling power, I agree that there are some discouraging numbers in the preliminary power calculation, and that the input data may be from improper measurements.

If it does run, I would find the technology interesting enough to develop even if the LN2 cooling source power needs to be supplied externally. The machine is not a heat engine, so it does not exploit the temperature of the cold superconductor material. There is a good chance that an alternative shielding means can be developed that does not require cooling.

[A., PES Engineer]

Have been talking to Universities

To: sterlingda@greaterthings.c

Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2004 1:10 AM

Subject: Statistical Working Magnetic Repeller Motor

Dear Sterling,

[] I will send [...] personal e-mails between myself and three Universities. Also I have been talking with the DOE for 3 and half weeks and had a one hour interview with a man who does contract work for NASA.

[] I have talked with over 20 Ph.D's in the last year in Physics and Chemistry, excluding 5 or so Master Physics and Chemists.


Richard Timko

I Concur with A.'s Calculations

From: ken rauen

Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 12:04 PM

[A., Engineer's] calculation of Richard's device is better than mine I gave you a "hip shot," and it was not completely correct. I wish I could give you better support, but I am scrambling to have a life. I am glad you have people like [A., Engineer] aboard. It is exhausting trying to clean up our misguided, close-minded and pseudo-scientific world. Pseudo-science exists on both sides of the free energy fence.



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