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OS: SuperBowl, by YoungTesla

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SuperBowl, by "Directory:Young Tesla"

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April 12, 2013

Our modern society relies heavily upon a linearized paradigmatic framework, which defines “precision” with rigid straight lines and 90-degree angles. Unfortunately, this is not how Nature operates. Einstein summarized this eloquently when he said something along the lines of “The only universal constant is change. Nature's framework (emergent reality and its physical properties) is comprised of a complex synergy of simple non-linear processes operating on all scales simultaneously (from quantum to cosmic)." In fact, I would argue that even the “linear” elements that we currently employ in our thinking (meaning our existing precision-driven paradigm) is in fact but a sub-component of a much higher-order non-linear process.

To clarify what I mean by this, in the grand scheme of cosmic time, we as a species (and all that we engineer, for that matter) will inevitably dissolve into oblivion. We can, however, greatly extend our capacity to thrive in the meantime, if we learn to adapt a similar non-linear perspective with our way of thinking and in designing new technologies. I believe that this perspective is ancient and has long been forgotten in the wake of wars, industrialization, and of course the modern monetary system.

A perfect example of this ancient knowledge, which calls into question the TRUE Nature of the fundamental “laws” that scientists are so keen to state “as a matter of fact”, can be illustrated with antique singing bowls. Modern variations of these ancient ritualistic objects have been replicated (poorly) and packaged (mostly in “new-age circles”) as novelty items & “tools for meditation”. This is so far from their original purpose, that it's laughable. They contain latent power that is unimaginable to the average outsider, and this knowledge can only be attained after practicing the art of playing them for many years.

I posted a video on my YoungTesla channel on YouTube, titled “The Real Super Bowl”, which demonstrates what happens when an antique singing bowl is placed on a hot stove top. There is no trickery in the video, I simply turned on the stove burner to max., waited for it to heat up and filled the bowl with tap water. When the bowl is placed on the red-hot heating element, it begins to vibrate! This vibration is continuous and the most fascinating thing about this is that the water will never actually boil.


On one occasion, I took temperature measurements of the water after it had been vibrating for nearly 30-minutes and the thermometer read 160-degrees Celsius! This made me think about the geometric properties of the bowl, and how the thermodynamic heat energy was being perfectly transformed into vibration, rather than as a catalyst to a phase-shift.

One more short story

A few years ago, I met with arguably the world's most renowned expert in singing bowl-based meditation and healing and had the pleasure of working with him for a summer. I didn't have money at the time to pay for his teachings, so I offered to help him to find students in exchange for one 1-hour long session with him each day after he was done with his classes. He took a liking to me and began to share stories with me from his childhood in the Himalayas.

One evening, he shared a fascinating story with me about a hermetic man that lived outside of his village when he was a child. Apparently, this man was powering his home off-grid, with a homemade power generation system (or rather, power harvesting) that was composed of an ancient singing bowl, filled with water, placed over a heating element and surrounded by magnets (normal ferrite, not neodymium). As the story progressed, he told me that one day the local military sent troops into his village and raided this hermetic man's house, taking him and his belongings away. He was never seen again.

I thought it would be nice to share this with all of you, so that we can call put our minds together and think about the potential applications of this type of a device. Also, there are many legends of the Vaimanika Shastra being an anti-gravity device, filled with mercury in a centrifuge type of vessel. I have spoken with several people from India, who know a great deal more about these documents than is available online. One of these people (I will not disclose his name, out of respect for his privacy) explained to me that the device was in fact filled with mercury and that it had several transparent openings, where an array of transparent crystals were embedded (think of the inlays in the Taj Majal). Apparently, the sunlight was focused into the device and caused the holding vessel to heat up.

Could it be that the heat caused the vessel to vibrate and due to its geometric structure, this produced resonance in the mercury that would cause it to swirl about in a controllable fashion? That's just some more food for thought.

Please subscribe to my channel and by all means, if you want to collaborate on future projects, send me a message! :)

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04/18/2013 Ths - To my regret I would still like to say that in this experiment particularly - the boiling is occurring. The features of boiling are interesting including acoustical component, but boiling is definitely present. V.S.Travkin