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Page first featured January 23, 2011

Understanding Stargate Technology

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Legend goes that when the Spanish conquistadors came and looted gold and precious stones, a priest, Aramu Maru, fled with the key to the door and hid in the mountains. He found the gate which was being protected by shaman priests. He showed them the key, a sacred golden disk. They performed a ritual, putting the key into the doorway inset, and a blue light appeared, which looked like water suspended. The priest handed them the key and then turned and walked through the water and into the portal. He was never seen again.

The Peruvian "stargate" is exactly 7 metres wide, previously identified from my antigravity research as the optimal practical diameter for gravitational engineering. The diameter is a strong indication the device at the site was indeed a gravitational technology.


Conventional physics has already provided the physics of worm holes. The worm hole will be opened by a gravitational generator, and will then require a negative energy feed, to generate a negative gravity effect, to keep the throat from collapsing in on itself. See below schematic.

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From my historical research I have been able to derive the gravity equation:

Gravity = rpm (thousands) x voltage x current

Design spec

With a background on the physics we can therefore begin to look at the technical specs:

The Stargate will have some kind of mechanism for generating rapid high voltage electromagnetic spin

The delay in the wormhole opening will be the acceleration time for the spin

A negative energy feed is necessary to keep the throat open. I've covered how to build a negative energy generator in other research. Short pulses couple with a time negative flux vector. The coupled current is then subjected to fractional distillation, to separate out the "wattless" negative time vector and step charge a capacitor with it. See OS:Tesla transformer.


The TV show DHD has Thirty-eight symbols - two concentric rings of nineteen symbols each - the point of origin is the red button in the middle and must always be pressed as the eighth and final co-ordinate to activate. We can therefore deduce the system operates off 14 co-ordinates. 7 for the destination, and 7 for the point of origin. Since the point of origin is fixed, this is always a prefix represented by the red button in the middle and does not change or need to be entered.

The difficulty in space is that everything is in motion, and everything is relative. There is therefore no sense in giving a 3 dimensional co-ordinate - you have to define your point relative to something. Solar masses are the most obvious points of reference in space. I propose the co-ordinate system operates on something like as follows.

Level 1: Constellation co-ordinate

Level 2: Solar co-ordinate

Level 3: Planetary orbit harmonic

This leaves us with 4 co-ordinates to define a point on the planetoid.

The fact that Stargates can not be used in deep space further supports the solar mass and planetary orbit harmonic as the referencing point hypothesis.


The Stargate network will work like a peer to peer network. The gates will communicate via subspace and continually update each other on the state of the network. Any single gate failure does not threaten the network. Since a low power subspace link exists between gates, activation requires this path be expanded with higher power levels. One episode featured a viral gate update, that was transmitted across the entire network - which it disabled.


It seems likely there is a range limitation, and each gate can only access gates in proximity, but the entire network can be traversed through multiple stops. Power upgrade customisations on gates can extend range - a custom dialler can access more points on the network. A Stargate is designed to have manageable power requirements, and be easy for the operator to use and to transcend language - i.e. pictograms.

A wormhole can be kept open for a maximum of 38 minutes. This is probably due to planetary drift, and stops the point of origin moving too far. Power issues may also be involved i.e. discharges on capacitors.

Gate symbols

Matching the DHD there are 38 destination symbols on the Stargate, and one for the point of origin, making 39 in total. There are 9 chevrons.


This images gives 42 because the point of origin pictogram varied in a few shows - "Children of the Gods," "Solitudes," "The Gamekeeper". This may be because those shows were set at distant points on the network, so the earth was perceived to be aligned with a different constellation. This raises an interesting point as to how one gets back, if one goes to a gate far enough away that the constellations have changed. It would seem to me some kind of digitised constellations guide is needed in order to be navigate the system, a smart phone app type code base, otherwise you are dependant upon being given co-ordinates by a system user.

Ritual significance

I writing this article, I am struck by the idea of making passages to the constellations. This seems very much aligned with the egyptian view of the dead, travelling to the stars. Egyptian myth is likely based upon real technology.

Safety protocols

The gates contain an over-ride mechanism - the gate is kept open if an object is half way through. This is shown in several episiodes.

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In the News

Image:Triangle-plane philadelphia-experiment super 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] / Directory:Propulsion > OS:Triangle plane - Tim Harwood has proposed a project to build a remote control inertia reduced plane for under $500 with X-33 lifting body triangle to be the airframe template and with all electric thrust. As a follow-up, he proposes a OS:Philadelphia Experiment to reduce the optical visibility of a model boat and to establish a portal to hyperspace. (PESWiki January 23, 2011)


Tim Harwood has created this page to encourage serious technical discussion of Stargate design and associated technology.

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