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OS:Screw-Magnet Motor:Latest

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OS:Screw-Magnet Motor

Open Source Project
Image:Screw Magnet motor by XPenzif 95x95.jpg
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OS:Screw-Magnet Motor

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor:Latest

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor:Replications

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor:Variations

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Category:Screw-Magnet Motor

Latest developments in the OS:Screw-Magnet Motor open source project, commenced by the inventor, "xpenzif" on Oct. 15, 2007.


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Jan. 15, 2010

Status : This project was posted on Oct. 15, 2007. As of Jan. 15, 2010, we know of no successful replications nor validation of the original device. On Jan. 13, 2010, we were given OS:Screw-Magnet Motor that suggests fraud. -- SilverThunder 14:49, 15 January 2010 (PST)


Oct. 21, 2007

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor:Replications moved to separate page here at PESWiki. As of Oct. 20, 2007 PM, there have been at least one partially positive replication, with seven unsuccessful replications (largely due to inadequately similar set-ups).

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor:Variations - Moved to separate index page Oct. 21, 2007 to streamline this project home page.

This "Latest" page is created to keep tabs of the latest developments on this project.

Oct. 15, 2007

xpenzif posts a video to YouTube showing his device that he built a month earlier.

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Category:Screw-Magnet Motor

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