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OS:Satellite Dish Solar Cooker

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Page first featured August 31, 2009

Image:Satellite dish solar cooker 300.jpg

When you finally get sick of mainstream media, don't ditch your dish, convert it to a solar cooker and let it pay you back with free cooking power of the sun.

Below are a few videos showing you how this can be done. There is also a There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] that makes these available commercially.

If you know of some additional helpful information, feel free to add it. This is a publicly editable site, after all.


Satellite Dish Solar Cooker Demonstration


The mirrored finish is from chrome decal material from an automotive shop. The pot is held in place with a wire coat hanger. A lid on the pot is essential. (The music is used with permission from Tamara Nile (YouTube by MrXstacey August 29, 2009)

From GreenPowerScience - Dan Rojas has produced quite a few videos on this topic, including for use in powering a stirling engine. The following is but a sampling. - for more info about materials, etc. with links for purchasing supplies.

Parabolic Dish Mirror Paraboloid DIY Reflector


The reflective film is here. This is a dish conversion. (YouTube by GreenPowerScience February 08, 2009)

- - - -

Huge Parabolic Mirror Solar Power Reflective Film


This is a short video lining a parabolic satellite dish and a pattern for a parabolic shape. (YouTube by GreenPowerScience October 28, 2008)

Commercial Product


Andersen Solar Cooker - A new truly GREEN product! Cook your food with the power of the sun. Never buy or use fuel to cook your food on this innovative stove - all you need is a sunny day! (YouTube March 08, 2009)

See Directory:Andersen MFG Satellite Dish Applied to Solar - our feature page on this company.

It is not as good as the Global Sun Oven. It's bigger, heavier, requires tighter maintenance of keeping it aimed at the sun. It's advantage would be its output capability and speed of cooking.

On September 01, 2009, Mike Andersen wrote:

Yes we have the Solar cooker in stock now and we have added to the system a grill -- works like a George Forman grill -- grill steaks and sausage etc. in 12-18 minutes on a good sunny day. The meat starts to sizzle in the first minute- it sounds and smells very good.

This is a great hobby – I think of it as the new Bar-B-Que. I have made 9” diameter x 5” high cakes, pineapple, cherry upside-down cakes in 35 minutes. Two weeks ago I made 2 cakes in 1 hour 20 minutes for my family reunion. The cakes were the hit of the meal… A HOME RUN!!!

Use the Andersen Solar Cooker like you use a Dutch oven. Cook the same kind of meals and boil water in the Quist Hot Tap.