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OS:Radiant Energy

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I, G. Moore, a resident of Australia have for the past few years been working closely with, Mr Nikola Tesla's "Radiant Energy" patents and methods for utilization described therein.

Also i have been working closely with the patents and methods described by Mr Hermann Plauson.

' - See my website for more information (updated from time to time).'

I have discovered some notable facts about the use of such systems in low altitude installments and i am currently planning a preparing for some high altitude experiments (i am attempting to secure a mile of copper wire and design and construct a method of remotely controlling spark gap resistances, height of aerial and means to remotely measure wattages, and frequencies produced after a step-down transformer).

I will say one thing now, the radiant energy was best described by Mr Hermann Plauson in his patent for "Atmospheric electric energy" (Patent No. US1540998), what he noted is that the potential voltage difference between the earth and sky is but mere static and an influence machine will do the trick, a static generator (influence machine) also removes the need for an aerial which is normally held at about 2000 feet above the earths surface (Mr plauson states that miles into the atmosphere is much more desirable and even the use of coiled aerial collector systems that can cover 1 to 100km of atmosphere, these coiled aerial can interact with the earths magnetic field!.)

Below is an updated image i have included, which displays the "complete" circuit that as was used in my "low altitude" radiant energy experiments.

I have since determined that, this is not collecting much (if any) power at all from the atmosphere and i have concluded that the majority of current collected in the capacitor is caused by a leakage of current from a "multiple-earthed neutral" switchboard that meters the consumption of electricity from the single phase, alternating current grid or mains supply (common to households or buildings everywhere!).

Image:Actual circuit.jpg

I have therefor since concluded that power is delivered to and taken from the aerial by this grid leakage current as the aerial or antenna would have a certain amount of structural or material capacitance (such as the toroid or metallic ball on top of the secondary winding in a tesla coil), into which the energy can be driven and periodically stored.

The circuits are actually controlling the currents to and from the grid leakage and the aerial, when power is supplied (by the grid) the L diode conducts and electrons traverse this path and stores a certain amount of charge in the capacitance of the aerial, when the alternating voltage switches polarity, the potential is greater on the aerial and therefor current attempts flow back from aerial to the earthed neutral conductor from the mains or grid supply, this is once again controlled or rectified by the diodes, however, the S diode now conducts and stores a charge into capacitor C as the currents traverse this path of the circuit.

I am not at all suggesting that you should go connecting conductors to your mains wiring or local grid conductors and i also cannot determine what your grounding condition would be like with your multiple-earthed neutral ground stake, extremely hazardous voltages may occur and could be detrimental to your health or life, this might be even more apparent in the circuit displayed below!.

This image (below) displays a much preferred method of utilizing the grid leakage current as the power is no longer defined by the capacitance of the aerial and rather of earth!.

Once again i cannot determine what your grounding conditions would be like with your multiple-earthed neutral ground stake, extremely hazardous voltages may occur and could be detrimental to your health or life, this might be even more apparent in this circuit and all conductors should at first be treated as high current, live mains or grid lines, if for example something should happen to your multiple-earthed neutral ground stake and heavy fault currents were present on the line, then the conductors which are leading to the secondary earth stake could be come a less resistive path to earth and if your in the way of that path, you could be dead!.

Image:Grid leakage.jpg

For a videos of the above circuit in operation please watch the following listed here or those found on myspace:

Grid leakage current (1st Video)

Fullwave circuit on grid leakage current

Fullwave grid leakage circuit (Leaks from switching mains load)

Fullwave circuit (Forward biased)

Fullwave circuit (Reverse biased)

Fullwave grid leakage circuit (2v)

For a generalized description and block diagram the below should suffice.

Image:My improv.JPG

S is a diode of almost any kind, silicon, germanium, zener or even L.E.D, please note, L.E.Ds may not be a desirable option as they have low voltage limits and a high reverse polarity voltage could destroy the diodes ability to block reverse biased currents.

L is a second diode of almost any kind, however i normally use an L.E.D (a certain amount of resistance may need to be used to limit current and voltage across this diode) and this can be thought of as the power on (or indicator) light, if this L.E.D is glowing (on) then power is flowing through or into the circuit.

C is a capacitor, i normally use electrolytic capacitors for their higher current values, the down size to this is the length of time it take to charge (the greater the current/farads the longer it will take to charge).

D is a switching device that is connected between the terminal of the capacitor and a terminal of a device to be operated, the other terminal of said device is connected to the other terminal of the capacitor to form a closed or semi-closed circuit, for simplicity sake the switching device could be a small S.C.R., the forward break-over voltage will act as a switch.

R is the device to be operated, this maybe a light or small motor, please note, to power a 1.2v 0.22A light bulb off of the T.V. (television) static, a 16v 1000uF capacitor must be charged to about 6v, this will give a small amount of light, charge the capacitor to 10+v to light the bulb to a brightness that rivals the torch it come out of (well maybe), more could be explained about this and why it take so much voltage but i'll keep it short.

If a motor is to be used, a 16v 3300uF capacitor was used in my experiments, I sourced some particular motors from nokia mobile phones (the motor that makes it vibrate, these are very very tiny), the capacitor is charged to at least 2v before being discharged through the motor, however at 9+v the motor spins violently and numerous turns or rotations of the axle are made!.

Video of a 1.2v 0.22A light bulb, being illuminated by a 16v 1000uF capacitor, that has been charged by the static from my television screen and a grid leakage current (Lo Res).

Video of operating a small Nokia (mobile phone) motor connected between an S.C.R. and a 16v 1000uF capacitor charged on the static from my television set and a grid leakage current

Remember to follow the diagrams EXACTLY (see the images above)!.

Also, I must note some research into light/photon propagation from the 1980s which may have direct implication on true radiant energy (not the grid leakage documented previously here on this page) and could possibly even be exploited to increase the efficiency of any given aerial employed.

"The following is quoted directly from my website"

Research from the 1980's showed that, light waves, under the right conditions can cause an electron flow between a conductor and it's dielectric surrounds.

Some researches speculate that it can not only move massive amounts of data through tiny wires and therefor will become a major player in computer chip manufacture (our processors of the future may operate on light!) but also believe that devices which are engineered to take advantage of this effect, may improve the quality and efficiencies of microscopes, L.E.Ds, chemical aswell as biological detectors and finally medical scientist's are also proposing a treatment which could be used to fight or kill cancers.

What some have called impossible, some researches now say that the plasmonic effect could under the correct conditions, alter the electromagnetic field surrounding an object to such an extent, that it would render the space in which it occupies invisible to any would be on looker (that is to say, if you wore a plasmonic suit that produced this effect, you would be invisible!).

Only future research by dedicated personnel, shall reveal the truths of this science.

Surface electrons are loosely held to the conductive material and the electromagnetic light wave causes an oscillation in these electrons that resonantly matches the light wave, researches have managed to force the oscillation to propagate away from the source, like the ripples created in a pond from a falling stone.

The dielectric can be clear and the air surrounding the conductor could be used for the dielectric, it is found that if the dielectric is put into the center or core of the conductor, that the effect is increased significantly, this dielectric could be air, glass or a plastic and the conductor is identical to a microscopic pipe into which the dielectric goes.

Light is then sent through the clear dielectric like light in a fiber optic cable and interacts with the conductor as it travels through the dielectric, thus creating plasmons on the surface of the conductor (electrons/plasmons will only be found on the surface, the reasons why shall not be described and i refer you to Google and Wikipedia, if you want to know more).

Oscillations produced by the light cause areas of high and low density in the plasmons, which travel along the conductor like ripples of positively charged and negatively charged waves, akin to alternating currents flowing through a wire, the rate of change or oscillation is dependant upon the frequency of the light and is therefor much greater than electrical mains supply (50 or 60 thousand changes a second, compared to 400,000 changes a second), due to the incredible frequencies, it is suspected that massive amounts of data could be transferred.

The short coming of such interesting research is that, electron flow only travels a miniscule amount along the conductor but interestingly, unlike a normal conductor where electrons flow in a continuous stream and never catch up to one another, plasmonic electrons bunch together and spread apart creating areas in high charge density and areas of low charge density (that is the process by which the waves or ripples described before, travel along the conductor) and because of these facts, plasmonic circuits are not effected by resistance or capacitance like normal electrical circuits!.

Thomas Ebbesen, while working for NEC research institute in japan, found that a gold film punched with millions of miniature holes, would allow more light than expected through, when a light was shone onto one side of the film, somehow more light was being transmitted through the holes than what should have been possible and after nine years of what i can only guess was "intense" deliberation, Mr Ebbesen and his team of colleagues come to the conclusion that surface plasmons on the film were intensifying the transmission of electromagnetic energy.

All of this sounds frighteningly similar to what Mr Tesla is describing in his patents "My present application is based upon a discovery which I have made that when rays or radiations of the above kind are permitted to fall upon an insulated conducting-body connected to one of the terminals of a condenser while the other terminal of the same is made by independent means to receive or to carry away electricity a current flows into the condenser so long as the insulated body is exposed to the rays, and under the conditions hereinafter specified an indefinite accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser takes place." (quoted from Mr Tesla's

patent no. 685,957).

And that's about it, i have also messed around with wireless transmission of electricity with a great success on a small scale but that is something else and i refer you back to my website, for block diagrams of the circuits used, also you may watch Atmospheric Transmission of Electrical Energy (w/Speaker) or Atmospheric Transmission of Electrical Energy (Focus on bulbs) on myspace for more!.

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