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OS:QEG:Cottage Industry Community Units (CICU)

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As part of the OS:Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) open source project.


Quoting from HopeGirl2012, April 3, 2014

: "FTW has never, nor do we ever intend, to own or control the QEG. It is a gift to the world. Now that we have given away the technology, it is up to the people to build, research, promote, prove, demonstrate, innovate and share. It belongs to humanity and it is up to the people now to spread the QEG around the world. We encourage people in every country to take the initiative, organize in local teams, create forums, websites, youtube videos. Gather your engineers, your business managers, source the parts, raise the funds, and distribute them to your people. You can do so through what we call a Cottage Industry Community Unit. (CICU)

: "We intend to teach others to build them and if necessary, we may play a role in organizing the supply of the parts to CICU’s who are building QEG’s. To raise the funds to start a program for global QEG training, we may temporarily sell a limited amount of pre-orders. FTW is an organization with over 60 projects that can change the planet and help people in need. The QEG is our pilot project.

: "Our organization needs funding so that we can continue our work and bring more projects to the world in a similar fashion. This is the way we hope to get funded: establish a give back agreement with CICU’s that are building and selling QEG’s. This agreement is a choice, not a requirement , and can be in any amount that the CICU likes and can be adjusted according to the CICU’s needs at any time."

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