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- HOAX -

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Open Source Project

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&nbsp- OS:Mylow -- After the Hoax Exposed

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&nbsp- OS:MYLOW:MIB Saga


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&nbsp- OS:MYLOW:Plans:Version 2.0:Instructional Videos


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&nbsp- OS:MYLOW:Magnets Used by Mylow

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&nbsp- OS:MYLOW:Data:Motor RPM -- by LightRider

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Directory:Magnet Motors

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Strategy for rolling out the OS: MYLOW's Magnetic Motor based on Howard Johnson's Design open source project.


On March 20, 2009 11:17 AM Mountain, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

As part of open sourcing this, here are some of the steps/milestones as I see it:

[DONE] Mylow either remagnetizes his stator magnet or gets a new stator magnet that work (in progress)

[DONE] Subdivide the project page as the one page is getting too large, complete with an index bar to display in the right column of each page, and a footer, to provide continuity between pages.

[ONGOING] As more information comes forward, we will keep the PESWiki page(s) updated with the compilation of the best info.

[PROBABLY NOT] Have witnesses view Mylow's motor (see my post just prior to this one)

[ONGOING] As more information comes forward, we will keep the PESWiki page(s) updated with the compilation of the best info: material dimensions, specs, sources assembly instructions, tips, diagrams, photos replications updates theory etc.

[DONE] Once at least one person has replicated this design, let's build a complete instruction manual document. (

After the device has been successfully replicated, we can bring in the media.

After the instruction manual document has been certified to be clear and accurate, to result in a working device when it is followed, we can make it available for download via Clickbank, e.g. for $20-$50. That way people with websites can promote it and get some revenue, and we can generate revenue for Mylow and for Howard Johnson's heirs. PES Network, Inc. will also get a piece of this action to cover our expenses and help us further our synergistic objectives. The revenue will probably be split evenly three ways between all three of these groups: Mylow, HJ, PES.

PES Network can use that revenue to hire someone to manage this project, keeping pages up to date, monitoring the discussion list, etc. (If you are interested in serving in this capacity, let me know, providing relevant bio/resume info. Ability with PESWiki, editing, human interactions, writing, image management, web editing, etc. should be noted. Bear in mind that at the beginning, before things grow, wages will be very modest. Until this project matures enough to warrant a hire, those who have demonstrated their interest and ability with the project through their voluntary participation will have an advantage when it comes time to hire someone.)

Simultaneous with the plans preparation, we can start working on a kit. That is also something that could become a hired position from the revenues being generated.

As demand increases, so can the number of paid positions to keep things running smoothly.

As new plans emerge (e.g. larger, smaller, better/easier/cheaper materials, modified approaches), these can likewise be made available, both on the open source page for further refinement, as well as via downloadable books via Clickbank promotion by affiliates.

Also, as soon as replication is accomplished, there are likely to be companies emerge to begin refining these designs for commercial applications. They are likely to keep their progress quiet and to apply for patents on their improvements, which is fine. However, I do think a suggested royalty rate should be presented.