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April 15, 2009 started out with a great deal of anticipation. Mylow had two new sets of rotor and stator magnets -- actually three sets of rotor magnets -- to try. He said that one of the rotor magnet types, part M-646, was "very close" to the magnet he originally got to work, but which had now demagnetized, and also which is no longer being manufactured.

Furthermore, he had given the green light to have three people come in and witness his motor after he got it running -- something he expected to do later that day.

It was during this momentous day that he posted the first of the following two video, which not only describes the various magnets he's used in his various motor iterations, but also gives a good overview of the recent history of the unfolding of this new technology.

But then, later on April 15th, two people in suits -- a man and a woman -- dropped in at work asking for him, while he was out. After the MIB incident on April 2,3 this spooked him, and he pull away, going dark.

A few days after the April 2-3 indicent, he started posting under a new username (projectmagma) at YouTube, this time playing around with a new configuration using bar magnets. I guess he thought he wouldn't get in trouble because he didn't show those motors working. It turns out, though, that he did get it working, and he says it is stable and has a lot of power, unlike the earlier design.

Then, on April 25, 2009 Mylow uploaded a second video shot on April 13, explaining the different magnet sets that either have worked or which he think will work. Sterling also uploaded it and will be adding annotations similar to the first video.

April 25 is also the day Sterling showed up to meet with Mylow. See his report: Mylow Being Corralled by BlackOps for his Magnet Motor (PESN April 26, 2009).

Part II: Overview Image

Image:Mylow-magnet-sets jp70.jpg

Source: Annotation by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan from


Primary Magnet Source: - ask for Felix

Part I: Mylow's Video Overviewing His Magnet Sets

Annotated by Sterling, April 21, 2001


(9:54 minutes)

magnetic motor - combination magnets for a working motor diffrent magnet will require a diffrent setup. (YouTube April 13, 2009)

Mylow Describes the Magnets Used in His Varios Magnet Motors - This is a back-up copy with notations of a video Mylow posted on April 15, 2009. It's the last video he posted since getting spooked again by another visit of some government bully types. (YouTube April 21, 2009)

This video provides an important overview of the different magnet combinations that Mylow has used in his various working systems, which have included at least four iterations, the latest being very different from the first three. He has not posted a video of the latest working motor, but describes it here in this video near the end. The most recent video he posted of his preliminary work for this new configuration can be seen at Since that video, he put the bar magnets all the way around the rotor and used a different stator magnet.


Annotations by Sterling Allan, who has been in close contact with "Mylow" (pseudonym for the inventor from Chicago, talking in this vodeo) since March 18, 2009, the day after Mylow first posted a video showing one of his all-magnet motors running: accellerating from zero, then reaching and equilibrium speed.

Mylow also got this ROTOR MAGNET from the Science and Surplus store in Chicago. It is also out of stock, and no longer made by the manufacturer. It has been the hardest to find a substitute for.

See more on "Project Magma" on the official project site at

"Recent Events" = Paranoia based on: 1) Alleged NSA visit on April 2 taking his motor and plans, then returning them, telling Mylow to stop posting videos. 2) A visit to his place of employment on April 15 by a man and woman who looked like FBI.

Original working motor set of videos posted at:

"Nearly a month" includes prior to March 17 when he first got full rotation. He posted a number of videos showing his progress even before he achieved that landmark.

Re: "Completely dead" - Apparently the magnets Mylow has been using demagnetize as they are run in his motor. The question will be whether permanent magnets like ceramic or neodymium will also demagnetize in these types of configurations. If so, the potential practical value of this type of a system is diminished, though variants might get around this.

Re: "Took me a long time" - At first (30 years playing with this) however, Mylow seems to have gotten the knack for this, and has scrapped off and re-assembled the magnets into a working configuration a number of times, and has gotten new configurations to work relatively easily as well (4-10 hours for new configs).

Re: "This set:" = same rotor magnets, now much weaker along with new stator magnet (long horseshoe magnet from part number 07225). This was the third combination he got to work. Described Apr 8, 2009 at

Re: "This combination:" = same rotor magnet, was still relatively strong when he tried it, with part number HS811N from This was the second combination he got to work, on April 3, 2009.

Stator magnets (not rotor magnets [at least not measured yet]) apparently get cold during operation. The one time he measured it with a thermometer two minutes after it stopped spinning, it was 13 degrees F below room temp.

Re: "Something new": On April 15, the day Mylow uploaded this video, he received three sets of magnets that I sent him: three rotor types and two stator types. The rotor magnet he shows here is the one Queue used in his replication. The supplier (manufacturer) only had a few of these on hand to spare. Today, I requested that the balance of 46 magnets be sent to Andy Graham who is an excellent replicator. The lead time for new orders is around 4 weeks. Mylow was going to get this working on April 15, using the HS811N stator magnet from but apparently the FBI (?) visit to his work place spooked him, combined with pressure from his family to back off.

Mylow has repeatedly emphasized that when new magnet sets are used, the system needs to be reconfigured accordingly -- with different spacing between rotor magnets, and gapping between rotor magnet sets. He seems to have a knack for finding this but even then, it has taken him around 8-10 hours to find that right combination when doing a new set.

"Wait time": Approx. 4 week lead time on new orders but once we know this magnet works, we should be able to get some orders going so that people can get their magnets from stock.

The hole is for mounting.

Alnico channel magnets from, item number HS253875. They have hundreds of these in stock. I got a set of 64 of these and plan to give them a try myself.

Stator Magnet part 07279 from

ACH1950 from Bar magnet from Radio Shack. Part number ??

Mylow deleted his MYLOW121363 on April 5 following the NSA incident on April 2, 3. Then, on April 9, 2009, he began a new YouTube account as posting a new approach using bar magnets laid horizontal around the perimeter of the rotor disc, then positioning the stator magnet vertically over the rotor magnets. On April 13 he posted a video in which he was close to getting rotation. He then told me by phone that he got this configuration to work, but unlike with the channel magnet configuration, in this case there were no large gaps between rotor magnet sets, but the magnets were spaced pretty much evenly one after the other.

Mystery magnet. I'm not sure where this one came from.

We were able to pay for the magnets I sent Mylow from the proceeds from Mylow Magnet Motor Plan sales ( )

For more info on this open source project, see the official site at

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