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How it Works

Appears to take a novel approach to solving classic 'sticky point' issue. Uses several driven (via magnetic coupling from primary rotor) rotating external magnets ("secondaries"), which may or may not be under control of inbuilt mechanisms allowing them to latch at two points 180' apart in their rotation.


Image:OC MPMM diagram bf16.gif



(10:15 minutes)

OC Whipmag replication - One possible explanation of the acceleration of the unit built by Al. (YouTube January 16, 2008 )


The “90° Rule? Theory by Jason Owen. "In this document, I will be presenting my findings with what I call the 90 degree rule. My conclusions are based on my own personal experiments and observations, as well as simulated data, patents, and information presented by Tom Bearden relevant to the subject." (September 18, 2005)

Some theories suggest that magnetism has three aspects and maybe a practical working setup needs to have interaction of three magnets:,3871.msg70980.html#msg70980 - same as above article


On Jan. 17, 2008, xumed wrote:

To try understand why there may be acceleration, please look at the principal discovered by the researchers of Inductrack.

Once a certain speed has been exceeded the drag coefficient reduces significantly. In the case of Inductrack something like 200:1.

With the rotor being spun AGW, as long as it exceeds the threshold speed the drag would reduce in a non linear way and so would be expected to accelerate.

The same may happen if spun GW fast enough

Anyway just something I remembered from a while back. Might help, might be totally BS in this case.

Sacred Geometry

On Jan. 20, 2008, Dave Romer wrote:

When I first saw OC's diagram of the OC MPMM, my thoughts drifted immediately to Sacred Geometry (Plato, Da Vinci, Fibonacci, The Pyramids, etc). When I learned that Al is interested in fractals patterns I asked a scientist who specializes in sacred systems to comment on the OCAL device -- a.k.a. WhipMag

I posted a link to the scientist's inference at Overunity

Image:Whipmag 8-5-13 sacred geometry jp70.jpg

He seems to infer that a 13-magnet device consisting of 8 rotor magnets surrounded by 5 stator magnets in a pentagon pattern is worth considering.