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On Jan. 15, 2008, Al... wrote:

What I've seen look really good, I think people are doing some impressive work, and I hope having some fun too.

I don't have much time, but here are a few tips

First, safety. Safety First!

do not leave magnets lying around loose, even for a few moments. They are easy to lose control of, and hot flying pieces and pinch hazards are to be taken seriously. I use metal jar lids as magnet trays.

do NOT grind, burn, etc. these NdBFe magnets! The dust is toxic and otherwise obnoxious, the fumes are toxic and smelly, etc.

do not rely on adhesives! use structure to retain magnets against fields and forces.

Next, machining acrylic plastic and polycarbonate:

Use WD-40 or clean kerosene (NOT GASOLINE OR PETROL!) as a cutting lubricant to keep drills, taps and other tooling cool and cutting well. Beware of alcohols--acrylic crazes and loses strength on exposure to alcohol--even the alcohol in a Sharpie marker will craze the acrylic over time, and cracks will occur. Wash the WD-40 off with dishsoap and warm water.

plastic supply companies sell special drill bits with a sharper tip angle that won't crack or pull though the plastic. They are well worth the price.

I usually use bottoming taps even when starting, in plastic, I rarely need the plug tap to start a tapped hole. The bottoming tap makes a better thread I think.