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Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

Image:OC MPMM magnet motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor






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Directory:Magnet Motors

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Category:OC MPMM

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variablestatus' replication of the Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

An open source project.

This is a loose variant replica of the Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor. Note that the stator magnets are not spinning anti-gear-wise as the original depicted. In all the videos below, the speed decreases. This is really nothing more than an illustration of rotating magnetic field interactions at a distance of a few inches.

Image:Variablestatus MPMM three-stators 250.jpg



(1:29 minutes)

OC MPMM meets k-Mets - "Kinetic-Magnetic Energy Transfer System @ idle speed to show magnetic field interaction. Levitation/suspension environment and glass to metal frictionless drag offer 1/160th of the drag of even the finest ball bearing support type of present day systems. k-Mets is the first public viewing of the idea of future energy containment system cells. Energy storage in the form of "moving mass". There is a 3rd environmental key to the final formula not shown here, can anyone of my fellow interested human beings tell me what it is... May this video uplift my fellow inventors to the next level of where the future will be with magnetic fields... suspended/levitated/friction-less moving mass known as k-Mets." (YouTube January 21, 2008)

- - - -


(1:40 minutes)

Magnetic Motor (1 stator k-Mets) - "Kinetic-Magnetic Energy Transfer System with 1 stator magnetically latched to the rotor. In a magnetic field motor design, levitation/suspension is the answer to reducing drag to 1/160 of the drag of conventional bearing systems. Also metal to glass is an almost frictionless contact in the right proportions. k-Mets offers an environment that allows for the conception of a free-energy storage cell based on moving mass. A single rotor will spin for over 15 minutes from just a 250rpm initial spin-up. The unit will eventually slow down and proves the principles for everyone to see that the oc mpmm magnetic motor machine video is most probably a hoax. We can't escape the rule's of physics but we sure can work with it's opportunities! Now imagine what will happen when i put the k-Mets into a vacuum environment, "unity" it will change everything. k-Mets will be the new lead of the future of magnetic field usage and it's potential power producing capabilities to be above unity, known as "overunity"." (YouTube January 21, 2008)

- - - -


(1:24 minutes)

Magnetic Motor (2 stator k-Mets) - "Kinetic-Magnetic Energy Transfer System with 2 stators magnetically latched to the rotor.[...]." (YouTube January 21, 2008)

- - - -


(1:27 minutes)

Magnetic Motor (2 stator k-Mets) - "Kinetic-Magnetic Energy Transfer System with 3 stators magnetically latched to the rotor.[...]" (YouTube January 21, 2008)


First mention at (Jan. 22, 2008)

"I find it interesting that people who don't do close replicas and find they don't work are so quick to say, "it must be a hoax"." -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan ( Jan. 22, 2008)