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Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

Image:OC MPMM magnet motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor






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Directory:Magnet Motors

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Sean CLaNZeR's replication of the Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

On Jan. 13, 2008, using a temporary magnet configuration, awaiting arrival of the proper rotor and stator magnets, CLaNZeR showed brief (~2 seconds) acceleration in his replication of "Overconfident's" all-magnet motor built by Al. As far as we can tell, this marks the first successful replication of the effect to any extent.

On Jan. 14, 2008, CLaNZeR received the proper magnets in the mail, but he has not yet been able to get the motor to accelerate or self-run with them.

On Jan. 19, 2008, he said: "At the moment I have a number of different rigs I am swapping stuff between and reporting any weird effects. The main problem has been that it is very hit and miss to get the latching as others replicating will tell you. One minute it will work like a dream and the next it will be a bitch to get going for a long time.",3871.msg71679.html#msg71679

Sean (not McCarthy, the Steorn CEO) was formerly with the Steorn Developer's group, but left. He has been a primary participant at the forum thread: "Working Magnetic Motor on you tube??".



(1:34 minutes)

CLaNZeR Video 4 - shows brief acceleration from time 0:21 - 0:26. (YouTube January 14, 2008)

CLaNZeR show's acceleration briefly - "Congratulations CLaNZeR, I heard an increase in the spin of the rotor. I think the award for first replication goes to you." (January 13, 2008, 08:57:14 PM) - video [same as the YouTube video above] - "Playing today while STILL waiting for the correct stator magnets I found that the best speed to get them rear stator to latch is 320 RPM any speed over this seems to make it very difficult. Then if you spin the rotor over 800RPM it looses sync. I am going to spend today using a airline too hold it at a constant rpm and then release the air and log some data too see if have any small speed increases or THE BUMP as they call it.",3871.msg70557.html#msg70557

- - - -


(3:56 minutes)

Rep12 Movie of the OCMPMM (WhipMag) Replication - With proper stator magnets, he's not yet been able to get the unit to accelerate, like he did above with make-shift magnets. (YouTube January 14, 2008) - "I fixed up CLaNZeR last video and put it up here. I stabilized the video so it doesn't shake as much. Also tweaked the brightness. (mikeytown2 Jan. 16, 2008) - "Now the Correct Stator magnets have arrived. I lathed down some shaft and press fitted them onto the Magnets, did crack one of them, so good job I ordered 10, so be careful as even soft brass can do some damage! I had to ditch the cube rotor as even with a HUGE gap they were too powerful and it was difficult to spin the rotor. Even now I struggle to get it up to 400RPM spinning by hand and need to maybe alter the height of the stators or increase the air gap. As you can see by the video the latching occurs at over 500 RPM with the spacing I have. I will move them back and do more testing later on. Still 100 other things to try yet, but at least the building blocks are in place." (Jan. 14, 2008 05:14:19 PM Mountain),3871.msg70590.html#msg70590

- - - -


(1:15 minutes)

Rep14 Movie of the OCMPMM (WhipMag) Replication. - Well after randon configs and trying to hit with Pot Luck and a bloody sore finger, time for some more organised testing to start. This is a replication PROGRESS attempt. (YouTube January 18, 2008)

OverUnity forum post - Well enough of Sore fingers this end trying randon configs, so now I am happy with my Rotor and Stators, will start the boring task of altering Stator height and Air Gap. (January 18, 2008)

"Gonna have a break before I start doing what I planned on here [above video] as not much sleep latley and got too catch up on some Normal Life things." (Jan. 19, 2008),3871.msg71638.html#msg71638

- - - -


(3:30 minutes)

Rep24 FINAL Movie of the OCMPMM (WhipMag) Replication - Final Video unless something turns up that re-lights the flame.

High resolution version (45 Mb)


Image:CLaNZeR MPMM replica 080115 450.jpg

replication progress by CLaNZeR - first to post a photo. (January 05, 2008, 01:32:23 PM)

photos of progress by CLaNZeR, naklaw, TheOne

Picture with dimensions noted (Jan. 14, 2008 06:26:39 PM Mountain)

Some Lathe work (Jan. 14, 2008 05:58:18 PM Mountain)

"The HDPE 20mm Sheet and Rod arrived today, so have knocked up a Rotor and some new Stator holders",3871.msg70819.html#msg70819 - includes multiple photos showing rotor assembly steps is still awaiting 13mm Rod magnets to arrive. (Jan. 15, 2008)

Anti-Gear-Wise lock videos (don't show accelleration) (February 09, 2008),3871.msg76268.html#msg76268 - shows how easy it is to latch into AGW, including all 3 stators going AGW at over 1500RPM - New Rotor Dimensions

Image:CLaNZeR b replicat of OC MPMM 300.jpg

(earlier version)

Q & A

Question : I notice that an earlier version of your rotor was clear, whereas now it is white. Was this because of the input from Al about the plastic makeup?

Answer : I was making Clear Rotors while waiting for the 20mm HDPE to arrive. I want to try a few different combinations. (CLaNZeR Jan. 16, 2008)


On Jan. 21, 2008, Sean wrote:

Have posted First New Tacho results and movie link so you can see the latching occur.

Related Sites - Sean's YouTube account - Sean's website - Sean's website CLaNZeR blog


Sean Clanzer

CLaNZeR - profile at

email: []

See also

Image:CLaNZeR prototoype collage 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Classifieds: Sean (CLaNZeR) Offering Custom CNC Milling Services - In response to my article, Career opportunities abound in free energy, master replicator, Sean (CLaNZeR) from the U.K. is putting out feelers to see about offering his professional services to build other people's prototypes or kits as a career. Let him know if you are one who would like to take him up on this, as he may be freed up in the next couple of months to start doing this. (PESWiki November 20, 2010)

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