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OS:MPMM:Replications:Bruce TPU

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Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

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Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor






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Bruce_TPU's replication of the Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

An Open Source Project


Placing a loose rotor magnet on top of the round stator magnets, and holding the stator magnets stationary, Bruce_TPU is able to achieve temporary acceleration in his magnet motor, and sometimes sustained rotation. Video evidence provided.

Image:Bruce TPM MPMM replica jp70.jpg


Acceleration while holding stator magnets stationary


(1:23 minutes)

OCAL Magnet Motor Experiment 1 - "See and hear just a couple of seconds of acceleration in my rotor. Rotor was machined 3/8" too short to replicate Al's working machine. New Rotor is on the way. So, I read of an experiment by Turbinator and it gave me an idea. I tried it, and the thing speeds up for a moment, twice here. Mostly once, and sometimes three times. Why, you ask. I have no idea. Everyone has a theory. I will let them figure it out. I just was a working OCAL Magnet Motor of my own." (''YouTube February 02, 2008)

- - - -


(1:17 minutes)

OCAL Magnet Motor Experiment 2 - "This video provides an even better run of acceleration than the last video. I have stacked two N42 Neo's onto of the stator to the left of the stator between the dampers. This rotor is not the correct one for replicating Al's machine. This was cut incorrectly, by 3/8". The correct one is coming this next week." (''YouTube February 03, 2008)


Feb. 16, 2008


(1 minute)

OCAL Magnet Moter Experiment 3 - "Today I switched my rotor magnets from N38's to N35's and have had my best run times with anti gear lock of the one stator." (YouTube February 16, 2008)

Doesn't show acceleration, but he does get a fairly slow deceleration.

Feb. 12, 2008

I have been unable to achieve AGW even one time with this new rotor, using N38's in the rotor.,3871.msg76618.html#msg76618

Feb. 9, 2008

1) Received MY rotor in today,3871.msg76304.html#msg76304


Quick update on a few things. I picked up a box of SHCS 4-40 x3/4" for my Stators. Identical to Al's.

Has anyone beside myself, wonder why Al would use SHCS screws, having to grind down each head, rather than a stainless steel flat head? Splitting hairs again, perhaps, but one has to wonder why. Tomorrow afternoon, I grind a few screw heads down.

I also picked up some packets of #4 stainless washers. Identical to Al's.

I could not find any 4-40 nylon screws, only larger ones. If anyone finds some online, please post.

I also received in my ABEC 7 Rotor bearings. I will be testing both.

And of course my rotor did not arrive today. Perhaps tomorrow. It should be of the exact weight and size as Al's.

Now, about the Stewart-Warner Bearings. My bearing guy heard back from them and it turns out that they do not manufacture the bearings, they only distribute them. The people that Mike needed to speak with were in a meeting. (of course.) So Mike will contact them Monday and find out the Manufacturer of the bearings that they distribute. Then he will contact that Manufacture and order said bearings. A lot of work, but such is life. I want a working machine, so will replicate as exactly as possible.

- - - -

What is cool, in my mind, is how so many things are opposite of what one would think. The screws, and the steel bearings.

Feb. 3, 2008

Posted two videos [shown above]

Sound comment "After downloading Bruce's video with Videoget and playing it back in mplayerc the sound of the acceleration is much clearer and definite" (RunningBar)

Sound comment "I'm presently trying to filter the audio, but anyone can hear it if they have a graphic equalizer on there system, cut all frequencies except those from 200hz to 550hz. If need be, boost these, to me the acceleration is definitely evident." (RunningBar)

Quoting from,3871.msg75138.html#msg75138

(slightly edited)

The sound is fine on my copy of the video on my computer. Any idea why it would not be on youtube? I want all of you to hear it. I am sorry the sound did not transfer well, and I don't know why.

Anyone I have shown it to in person, see and hear the acceleration.

My Tachometer arrives Wednesday.

The reason I spin it so fast to start off, is like I said earlier, there are certain RPM it seems to like. It is only at these RPM's I see the effect. One is at the very fast initial speed, another a bit less than that. It will not accelerate at just any RPM.

It is cool, though, the last few seconds of a wind down. It just keeps slowly spinning around. And then it finally stop. I will have to make a video of this too, so you all can see.

Feb. 2, 2008

On Feb. 2, 2008, Bruce_TPU wrote:

: Quote from: RunningBare on February 01, 2008, 01:23:27 PM

: Fingers crossed guys and gals


: Quote

: Turbinator wrote:

: Without going into too much detail, I had a sustained rotor yesterday evening while fooling around around with the stators The stators were not rotating but oscillating slightly (and with a rod mag attached to each stator - like i said i was tinkering!), the rotor was hand spooled and left to run down while i was doing something else..... strangely it held at around 300rpm. I will investigate further and keep a camera handy.

I tried the above experiment tonight with my wrong sized rotor. 9 mm distance from stator to rotor edge. Rotor 3/8" shorter than Jason's Cad drawing.

Did the above test. About 5 hours worth. I am waiting for a tach to arrive to confirm. 'I saw and heard the rotor accelerate' almost every time. Sometimes for 'about 2 seconds', sometimes longer. Different configs gave me different results. 'Sometimes very long steady runs' but no acceleration and 'sometimes accelerations'. The first time it happened, I yelled. It scared me and I scared the wife! LOL It sounds like a little turbine. The mags shake first, and it feels like a pulse in the fingers holding the stators. And then you hear the reving sound for a couple of seconds and then it drops out.

Some runs caught 'two and three accelerations', at different RPM's, but that does not always happen, just random.

The rotor LOVE'S to see North and south looking at it at the same time. I had some wild configurations. And had Jason on the phone for hours. Rotor Magnets are N35's. Stator mags per spec. Cylinder mags on top of stators are N42's.

Experiment with what you have. Make sure your rotor mags are weaker. Hold the stator between the dampers and the one on the left. You can try all three once you get the hang of it. Spin the rotor clockwise very fast and off you go. You will know when "it" catches (what ever it is!)

Cylinder mags on Stator can face any way, as long as North or South are looking directly to the center rotor.

Have fun. I did. I will post a video when I find a friend with a vid camera, so be patient please. Nothing self sustained, though I did get some mighty long runs.

All of you naysayers are doomed! LOL

Cheers all,


- - - -

Link to sound file

one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed!

Jan. 26, 2008

My machined parts came in, but the rotor is cut 3/8" short. (Jan. 26, 2008) [,3871.msg73309.html#msg73309


Bruce_TPU - profile at