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Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor

Image:OC MPMM magnet motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor






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Directory:Magnet Motors

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Category:OC MPMM

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Replications of the Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor, and open source project.

Several people are working on replicating this effect. As those are completed, we invite you to link to them or report them here. This is a publicly editable site, so all you need is a user/pass, and you can create a page reporting your replication.

There are several progress reports at including compilations of dimensions and materials required.

Image:Naklaw replicat of OC MPMM 300.jpg
Image:TheOne replicat of OC MPMM 300.jpg
Image:Dusty replicat of OC MPMM 300.jpg
Image:Craigy replicat of OC MPMM 300.jpg



OC MPMM Replications 4:30 minute video reviewing the phenomenon and featuring the replication process while we're all still waiting for the first person to have a completed unit to test. (YouTube Jan. 10, 2008)


Bruce_TPU (gradual acceleration)
Image:Bruce TPM MPMM replica 95x95.jpg

OS:MPMM:Replications:Bruce TPU - Placing a loose rotor magnet on top of the round stator magnets, and holding the stator magnets stationary, Bruce_TPU is able to achieve temporary acceleration in his magnet motor, and sometimes sustained rotation. Video evidence provided. (PESWiki Feb. 2,3, 2008)

: l2ycczuFEF8

: (1:17 minutes)

CLaNZeR's Replication (temporary acceleration)
Image:CLaNZeR MPMM replica 95x95.jpg

OS:MPMM:Replications:CLaNZeR - Using a temporary stator magnet configuration, awaiting arrival of the proper stator magnets, Sean CLaNZeR showed brief acceleration in his replication of "Overconfident's" all-magnet motor built by Al... As far as we can tell, this marks the first successful replication of the effect to any extent. (PESWiki Jan 14, 2008)

: cCVri4R31gU

: (1:34 minutes)

Bill Williams' Replication
Image:Vipond50 MPMM replication 95x95.jpg

OS:MPMM:Replications:vipond50 - "Today after reconfiguration of the Stator magnets to a dual bearings, I had a approximately one minute self operation of the device and maintained a constant RPM once Stator Sync occurred." (PESWiki Jan. 19, 2008)

AuthoroldHorseface's Replication

OS:MPMM:Replications:AuthoroldHorseface - reports "a short burst of acceleration, then a sustained speed for 10 seconds" (Jan. 14, 2008)

Omnibus' Replication

OS:MPMM:Replications:omnibus - "After the initial spin, a definite acceleration is observed, which so far still cannot be sustained as long as alsetalokin's but the effect is definitely there." (Jan. 16, 2008)

Turbinator' Replication

On Feb. 1, 2008, Turbinator wrote:

Without going into too much detail, I had a sustained rotor yesterday evening while fooling around around with the stators The stators were not rotating but oscillating slightly (and with a rod mag attached to each stator - like i said i was tinkering!), the rotor was hand spooled and left to run down while i was doing something else..... strangely it held at around 300rpm. I will investigate further and keep a camera handy.

Announced at OverUnity forum

Schumann resonance?


JR Replication of Whipmag OC MPMM


(1:55 minutes)

JR Replication of Whipmag OC MPMM - Replication of the whipmag or OC MPMM device (YouTube February 24, 2008)

LaFonte Group's Replication(s)

OS:MPMM:Replications:LaFonte:Mark - Though they've made a diligent attempt at replicating the design faithfully, they've not been able to achieve any acceleration or speed maintenance.

Douglas K. Furr's Replication

OS:MPMM:Replications:Douglas K. Furr - He completed his 1.5-scale version on Feb. 5, 2008 but has not been able to get it to accellerate or maintain speed. This could be attributed to several important differences between his replica and the original, including magnet strength, device material, holding screws.



(3:00 minutes)

Wobbly Stator Motor - a different take on the ocal , since wobbling the stator by hand will cause rotation it occured to me that with suitable delay , i.e. spring mass etc something might happen lol still all good fun (YouTube February 12, 2008)

Variablestatus' Replication
Image:Variablestatus MPMM three-stators 95x95.jpg

OS:MPMM:Replications:variablestatus - A loose variant replica only decelerates. It does illustrate rotating magnetic field interactions at a distance of a few inches. (PESWiki Jan 22, 2008)

ZeroFossilFuel's Replication


(5:37 minutes)

Zero's OC-MPMM replication - Crude replication, barely resembles the original. Doesn't self-run, but there are some interesting observations. (YouTube January 13, 2008)

Yada Productions Lego Version


(3:02 minutes)

Lego WhipMag Demonstration (OCPMM) - A "WhipMag" was created for educational purpose, using nothing but Lego bricks and Lego Magnets for under $50. The configuration shown in this video was inspired by Overconfident (a.k.a. OC). (YouTube February 09, 2008)

costs less than $50 to build for those of you who would like to investigate some of the principles of this intriguing device,3871.msg76365.html#msg76365

Lego parts sourcing,3871.msg76373.html#msg76373

In Progress

Hydrocontro's Replication
Image:Hydrocontro MPMM replica 95x95.jpg

OS:MPMM:Replications:hydrocontro - User "hydrocontro" proposes that this counter-rotating stator design accomplishes what he observed in another magnet motor design he built which only worked if the stator were held by hand. He also observes that his MPMM replica "spins better one direction (CCW) then the other (CW)". (PESWiki Jan. 15, 2008)


On Jan. 19, 2008, Svein Utne wrote:

(emphasis added)

"I played some more with my HDD converted into a COAL rotor today. It takes some play to get the stator to lock into AGW rotation, but it is possible. Before I have only succeeded with this when I used my finger, but today I tried to start very gentle with the air gun. After some trial and error the wheels locked into AGW position and I could increase the rpm. The wheels lost the grip some times when I was not feeding a steady air flow, but with some more trial, I manage to speed the rotor up to a high speed. I did not use any tacho, so it will only be a guesstimate, but the speed was something like 1000 rpm on the rotor. The wheels were connecting good, and I could keep them at that speed as long as I wanted to, but after 2-3 min I let it run with no air support. Then it would not sustain the speed and both wheels started to slow down still in AGW lock.

"In support of the COAL system, I got the feeling that it did not need much air to keep the high speed. But my system got a lot of friction and the stator will run down in just a few seconds if the rotor is stopped."

Andrea Ganora's Replication

Andrea Ganora of Italy.

Part 1: - Shows the configuration without magnets in the rotor. (January 15, 2008)

Part 2: - Shows device with linear magnets substituded for the round magnets in the stator position. Does not exhibit either excelleration or speed maintenance. (January 18, 2008)

Part 3: - The video shows the unfinished work in progress during his replication of the WhipMag MPMM. (February 8, 2008) Also

Rotor photos:,3871.msg75827.html#msg75827

Jason O.'s Replication

Jason has done a fantastic job of presenting Auto CAD drawings (links elsewhere on this site).

Jason Owen's replica progress


Craigy - "Got started on my own proof of concept. Magnets are 6mm by 12mm on a rotor i had lying around. I will cut another att the correct diameter, but without cnc that takes time. The magents are a friction fit into the slots that were cut out using a 2 flute milling bit in a vertical pilar drill." (Jan. 8, 2008)

First test " my first anti gear spin using the wrong magnets but no sustain or acceleration to report yet." (Jan. 12, 2008)

Whipmag Reverse Gearing ' "The whipmag or OCAL magnetic motor is now being replicated here, its early days but this shows the rotors and stator rotating in the same direction , i.e anti gearwise" (YouTube Jan. 13, 2008)

Mk2 in production (Jan. 18, 2008)

Ocal Replication by Craigy - video of stator interaction with rotor (still doesn't have it accelerating or maintaining speed). (YouTube January 24, 2008)


On Jan. 20, 2008, btentzer wrote:

I built an ugly dirty model today. I wanted to see how I wanted to connect the rotor, etc. I learned a lot. I used PEX flex .5 ID for stator holders, and used a dremel to grind a bit for a better fit for the magnets. Bearings fit fine.

I drilled my rotor slightly off, so it has a nice wobble (I am just playing until the machined parts arrive next week, using Jason's accurate blueprints!)

From what I have seen tonight, I am confident in the truth of Al's machine. I think that it will be a matter of engineering.


Crude replica.

OC MPMM Rep.Spinning test - "The little magnet rotated 8000 CCW. The rotor run CCW 2000. The speed is 4:1" (YouTube January 14, 2008)


"I got the parts from the shop today. They look alright although the grove on rotor is a bit bigger then the magnet. Need to find ways to secure magnet. The stator magnet fits the holder I made just fine." [pictures shown] (Jan. 23, 2008)


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Other Replications

photos of progress by CLaNZeR, naklaw, TheOne

naklaw Video - shows rotation, but not self-rotation or acceleration. Doesn't try counter-rotating the small magnet in the video.

YouTube video - doesn't show self-rotation. Doesn't show attempting to spin stator magnet in counter-gear sync like the original motor shows.

Dusty [blue background image below] - "I'm all ready for testing tomorrow. Everything is ready just to drop in the magnets and test away. We'll do many tests, so you will hear about it." (Jan. 8, 2008)

SPDC forum replica - "it was running at almost constant speed for 20 seconds, but it did not manage to gain speed, and then it slowed down a little bit, and then it ran down as normal. So my hope is to make it sync at a little higher speed and start to gain speed." (Oak January 13, 2008, 10:05:44 PM)

btentzer Progress - getting parts in, building, etc. (Jan. 14, 2008)

Axle replication - construction complete. Ready to start testing and adjusting, over the next few days. [weeks? months?]


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