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OS:Moe-Joe Cell:Legal

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Open Source Caveat

In open sourcing this design, we only request that if you go commercial with it (selling plans, kits, or finished units in volumes of 5 or more), that you include a 5% royalty to be split between Moshe Daniel, the inventor and who is coordinating this project here, and . There is no patent, and there is no copyright on the contents of these PESWiki pages, so this request is one that is not enforceable. But out of an appeal to ethics, we expect that you honor the request. The royalty percentage is purposely low so that you will not be placed under an unreasonable burden in honoring this request. Consultation for advanced knowledge of the Moe-Joe cell in setting up a business enterprise selling and producing the Moe-Joe cell will entail a larger percentage of royalties which will be negotiated with Moshe Daniel.