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OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor

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Page first featured December 18, 2009

Image:Mecsdgp magnet motor anim bf32.gif

'Most likely just an air nozzle making it turn.'

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

This morning, Directory:James Dunn sent me a link to another magnet motor video, curious to get my take on it. I now pass it to you to get your take on it.

(Note: I'm not sure that "Mecsdgp" is the builder he may be just copying a video found elsewhere, or posting it on behalf of a friend.)

The There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] shows a small rotor of maybe 3 inches in diameter, and 3/4 inches high, lined with square magnets around the perimeter. It starts to turn and then accelerates (supposedly up to 6000 rpm) as a "reactor bar" is brought closer to it. The reactor bar has six circular magnets on it, arranged in three sets of odd combinations and orientations, one of which has some kind of spacer between them. As the reaction bar is brought closer to the rotating wheel with magnets around it, the speed increases.

The There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] he posted on Dec. 3 kept the stator magnets out of view, saying "the arrangement and angles of the magnets are a closely guarded secret." But he appears to show them in full view when taking the thing apart at the end of the video and he shows them in full view in the second video.

The video seems convincing, but we've certainly been taken for a ride before, such as with OS: MYLOW's Magnetic Motor based on Howard Johnson's Design's videos in which he was faking the rotation by giving the alleged magnet motor a push when out of field of the camera and by turning it with fish wire from a nearby motor. (Ironically the randomly-assigned YouTube video file name for his first video is "Mww4p5moloo". The last letters, "moloo" are reminiscent of "mylow".)

At least this person keeps the rotating apparatus fully in the field of view, and he then disassembles the apparatus at the end, to help rule out hidden things that might be causing the rotation using conventional methods.

The intended statement seems to be: "Look, an all-magnet motor that is for real." Is it?

One likely way to hoax this one would be an air compressor blowing on the rotor. The audio in the file is not the original, but is music only, added afterward.

I bet some of you engineer tinkerers out there can recognize all of the components, get them, replicate this, and let us know if it is real in short order -- except that it is Christmas season, which tends to slow things down a bit for things like this. Then again, some of you get more time to play around with stuff like this at this time of year.

Here we go on another saga. How long will this one last? How will it end?

Could this be the perfect open sourcing project we've been longing for since founding PES Network back in Nov. 2002, or will it prove out to be another hoax, or another working device with a missing secret that we never figure out?

Have at it. Let's go for a ride!

Official Website

none yet?

We propose this present page as the home page for the open sourcing of this design.

See also: – YouTube channel of Mecsdgp


Attached to Generator


(YouTube Nov 25, 2011)

On July 06, 2012, Stefan Hartmann of writes:

: Well at 3:07 you see something besides the leg of the table.

: Is this a foot controlled pot to power the motor ( not generator) ontop of the magnetrotor ?

: Maybe the cables for the digital meter meter go through the table below the meter and he is pushing some voltage to it via the foot controlled pot ?

: He should have lifted also this voltmeter to see, where these "measurement cables" exactly go...

Magnet Motor (higher resolution)

The first video posted.


"BAD VIDEO COMPRESSION ON FIRST VIDEO!" (YouTube copy by PESNetwork) (original by Mecsdgp December 05, 2009)

- - - -

OK here it goes. Someone had noticed a metal bar/magnet missing on the rotor. What I want to point out is this. He had stator magnets thrown around so close to rotor magnets, within few inches.

Now first thing if that is Neodymium magnets , all of you know it darn well , they would fly into each other in an instant , being so near.

Second even if it was ordinary magnets it should still go stuck together.

Third one of the stator magnets got thrown into the rotor and got stuck to rotor magnet . He took it off with one finger !! while holding a camera.. That's no magnet ! Take a close look at the rotor. It had all supposedly magnet pieces on perfectly glued good . But surprise ! Just as a magician would, his hand work is very fast. In a swing motion, all of a sudden, there's two metal bars. And then one seemingly missing rotor magnet with a , yes , a dark thing in place of a (magnets ?) ! All done with a one hand, a finger touch. I have few Neos.. I'll tell ya all. Hey once stuck together I can't never take them off with one finger or hand that easily !!! Even with two hands I have to force slide one against other to get them apart !!!

Forth He once even let go of the metal stator bar free standing at side of the rotor, that close !. ! How come the stator doesn't move around if that close to the rotor magnets? Magnetic force would turn that thing upside down or turn side ways in a second . Or fly in towards rotor and get stuck like a glue in a ziffy.!! Now give me a break !! I'd say its another scam uncovered !. Or he could have used a very ordinary small weak ceramic magnets .. Or was it ? But even then.. ??

Lastly .. If the thing was rotating at 6000 rpm you better have that ( magnets glued to the rotor real good !!.. You all know that !. Its a dangerous thing even for a ceramic piece that small. At 6000 rpm. Any lose metal piece will make you bleed real bad !! fast...

But the fact is he was able to haphazardly take off one of the magnet with touch of finger, one hand. That smells fish real stinking bad...

Hey ! I think that was a good con job. Sorry fellas.

Magnet Motor (lower res)

The first video posted.


"magnets reach 6000+ rpm dissasemble on vidio no hidden drive." (YouTube copy by PESNetwork) (original by Mecsdgp December 03, 2009)

Open Letter to Mecsdgp

On Dec. 18, 2009, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan sent the following to Mecsdgp via the YouTube contact link:

Subject: Magnet Motor

Fascinating videos.

Thanks for posting.

Has anyone else been able to replicate this?

What kind of magnets are you using? part number? type? size? tolerance?

What is the material made out of in your rotor and stator? The stand on which the stator magnets are attached looks like it is ferrous, so you can attach magnets to it.

Bearing types (metal make-up?)

I would love to work with you in helping you to open source this.

If this thing really works, it would be the ideal open source project, breaking the logjam of control that the powers that be have over the energy industry and thus over the people.

There are ways to monetize open sourcing so you can make a living doing it. We would be glad to help you do that.


Please email me direct […]. I'd love to discuss these things with you.

| Sterling D. Allan, CEO

| New Energy Congress:

| (Pure Energy Systems) PES Network, Inc.:



list here

(Perhaps you recognize one of the components. Feel free to venture your guess as to what it is.)

Image:Mecsdgp materials labeled jp60.jpg

Rotor Assembly

Square Magnets

9 around perimeter, approximately 1 cm x 1 cm x 2 mm


Brass(?), approximately 3 inch diameter x ¾ inch high



Computer hard drive bearing.

Reactor Bar

Image:Mecsdgp reactor bar 150.jpg


Spacer Piece

(2) mu metal?

Note: In the operation mode, there appears to be only one spacer, but when he disassembles the thing, it looks like there are two.

Looks to me that there is one spacer when it is running and two when he pulls it apart. Take a close look when he pulled it apart. You will see that one of the square magnets or metal pieces from the rotor comes off. There is a black sticky piece left on the rotor were the magnet or metal piece was. Adam

On July 14, 2010, User:Loggylog wrote:

If you look closer to the rotor you will see that one of the magnets has come off. This is where the second magnet(spacer) has come from.

Ferrous(?) Bar


Base Plate

Aluminum (?)


(2) Ferrous (?)

similar to reactor bar


list here

(none that we know of, yet)


In the News

Image:Mecsdgp magnet motor anim 95x95.gif
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor - A new video has been posted showing a small rotor with square magnets around the perimeter. It starts to turn and then accelerates (supposedly up to 6000 rpm) as a "reactor bar" is brought closer to it. Most likely just an air nozzle making it turn. (PESWiki Dec. 18, 2009)

Other Links

list here


See Talk:OS:Mecsdgp Magnet Motor

The most common remark has to do with the need for some way to rule out the likelihood of air pressure spinning this motor.

Angular Velocity

On Dec. 19, 2009, YouTube user, strongestmagnets wrote:

With no audio nor magnet orientation it's hard to make an assessment. - However a terminal angular velocity is reached in stead of the model to spin itself to death. Eddy currents from the amuminum base might explain that. - Audio is the first requirement to make and we might take it from there.


mecsdgp contact link at YouTube