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Material List


Materials that should be used are:

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He did mention steel,

Materials that should not be used:


The Schematics in Energy Evolution suggest these materials:

Electric Hotplate

Pressure Chamber

Oligodynamic curve (?)

A motor to spin the innards around.

Air-inlets to get the air into the pressure chamber in which the spinning movement and the curve modifies the heat of the air.


Motor for spinning the innards of the Klimator around (the rilled plating, when spinning, suctions air in from the "normal air inlets", then forces them into the pressure-chamber, out of which they then exit, after having been processed. again, the spin, and the shape, force the air to compress, so that when it is released, it decompresses/expands.

Source for Waveplates

Kunstschlosserei / Franz Höfler / Marktplatz 2 / 3353 Seitenstetten / Austria

Telefon: +43-74-77-42-2-51 / Fax: +43-74-77-42-4-88 NOTE they do not speak english, only german!

The two wavy plates with diameter 29cm cost 146 Euro... not expensive!

The tools for the plates was found in PKS or by Walther Schauberger, don't know exactly.

Why I mean these are the climator-plates? Because of the diameter and the 4 waves.

That's not relevant... there was many types of wavy-plates, they all did the same.

- OS:Klimator:Main Page

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