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Modern man's mathematics and thinking is largely based on Eulerian Geometry. This pure untainted style of thinking does not encompass nature's true functioning. Eulerian thinking is the quickest way between two points is a straight line.

Correct. But one cannot constrain nature's laws to Eulerian laws.

Next time you watch a program about the Amazon river on Discovery Channel note how the river meanders in an S shape. This is no accident. This profile actually creates a difference in the liquid's charge. In order for life in the material world to exist we need opposites that work together. The river's S profile creates these opposites which act as a supporter and sustainer for life on earth.

Modern engineers presume that a river will flow more efficiently if it's course is straightened, the result? This straightened river soon becomes more susceptible to floods as there is no resistance offered by the meandering banks so when there is a excessive downpour the river breaks it's bank more easily, also this river looses its ability to carry sediment and nutrients. It soon clogs up by depositing its load on the river bed and not in the correct places like the inside of the river bend.

Why does the river loose its carrying capacity? According to PowerPedia:Viktor Schauberger and Callum Coats who did and outstanding job of translating Schauberger's body of work in his PowerPedia:Viktor Schauberger.

A natural flowing river has the ability to suck, this suction comes from a longitudinal vortex that is created by a difference is flow rates that exist on the inside of a river's bend and that on the outside of the same bend. This difference in rates creates a vortex.

The vortex rotates clockwise on a right bend and anti-clockwise on a left bend. The interval between the two bends in the S shape is where there is no vortex. This is the point where the river releases the captured, extremely fine, high quality nutrients depositing them into nature thereby nurturing and sustaining eco-system.

A natural flowing river deposits the sediment and larger unwanted matter on the inside of the bend where the water flow in slower, this creates more bend which will make more vortex. Which inturn makes more of a difference in charge, and increases the river's ability to extract the finer quality nutrients from the water and capture them in the vortex until it gets released at the next ford where there is no vortex.

There is one more thing that happens, temperature drops.

Temperature is related to the amount of thermal energy or heat in a system. As more heat is added the temperature rises, similarly a decrease in temperature corresponds to a loss of heat from the system. On the microscopic scale this heat corresponds to the random motion of atoms and molecules in the system. Thus, an increase in temperature corresponds in an increase in the rate of movement of the atoms in the system. Temperature affects water density and water density is essential for it's carrying capacity. Water is most densest at 4°C (1.0 ×10 qubed kg/m qubed at 4°C). If a vortex centripetally moves water so that the particles come closer together then what will happen to the heat energy? It cannot be expressed in terms of temperature as there is no room for the vibration, so the energy must get transfered somewhere else, motion. The heat energy increases the vorticity of the vortex.

So with the water being at its most densist at 4°C only the smallest nutrients can withstand the pressure of the river's inner core vortex. The larger matter is incapable of being in this vortex so it is off-loaded on the inner bends. This is how a river purifies itself.

Eventually the river's bends will be so big that the river will simply shortcut, creating an ox-bow lake. This really is restarting the process. The river is reaching another part of the basin. Kind of like waves of energy pulsating back and forth nurturing everything it comes in contact with.

This same concept can be applied to air and the klimator machine makes use of this natural system to cool air. please note one of my previous OS:Klimator:Plans. This is a initial design for a cooling device. I have published the OS:Klimator:3D Models.


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