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OS:Joe Cell:Wiki tips

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Why Wiki

You can't edit posts at Yahoo!Groups. You can only delete them.

Neither can you move them around and organize them.

That is why having an associated project website (e.g. PESWiki in this case) is so helpful. And having it be publicly editable enables a collaborative effort toward organizing all the great material that comes through the discussion list.


Logging In

We require logging in to prevent spamming. It has cut down significantly on bogus entries that are a pain to keep on top of.

All you need to log in is to pick a username, password and email address.

Be sure to store those for retrieval later in case you forget. You can always create a new user/pass if you have to, though its best to stick with one if you can.

Uploading Images

If you wish to upload images to the PESWiki site, instructions are found here:

Help:Uploading Images

Basically, you just click on the "There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2]" link toward the bottom of the left-hand navigation column.

To insert the image on the page, you format it like this:

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]

(Before uploading, if you know how to compress your file size, please do so.)

[if not, we can do it for you]

New Page Template

There's a template page for new Joe Cell project pages here:

Just cut and paste that into the new page, then amend it per the topic of that page.

Creating a New Page

Just enter the name you want into the browser after the

For consistency, we are naming the project pages with the preface: OS:Joe_Cell:

So if you were building a replication page for your replication, you would enter

Enter that into your browser will result in basically a blank page. You will be prompted to enter the text for that page

Be sure to link to the new page from a main project index.

Linking to a Page

To make an external hyperlink, you will format it like this:


Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell - by Alex Schiffer


The first item in the bracket is the destination url:

The second item in the bracket after the space following the url is the text that will be hyperlinked

It will look like this

Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell - by Alex Schiffer

When doing links internal to PESWiki, the formatting is a little different:


OS:Joe Cell:Blueprints - by Bill Williams


You use two square brackets rather than one, and instead of using a space after the url, you use one vertical line: |

Also, you don't include, as that is the prefix to all of the pages at the site.

Other Helps

Help:Format - some codes, at a glance, such as bold, italics, tables, superscript.

Help:Contents - a general help page with links to additional tips.

Help:To Mediawiki-conversant Users - Heads up about some things about how we do things at PESWiki that you ought to know, which are different from traditional wiki protocol.

PESWiki:Welcome - general introduction to