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OS:Joe Cell:Validation

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Validation of Joe Cell Running Car with Fuel Line Disconnected


Peter Stevens

Claims to have installed some 80 cells total, 40-50 of which run exclusively on the Joe cell, with fuel line disconnected the rest of which are set up in an "assist" mode, augmenting mileage. He says is is presently in touch with about fifteen of those people whose vehicles are running exclusively on the Joe Cell. As of May 26, 2006, NO VALIDATIONS HAVE BEEN MADE OF THIS CLAIM THAT WE KNOW OF.

John Carter, who is one of the most ardent supporters of Peter Stevens and the Joe Cell project, who lives nearby and visits Stevens' home often, said: "So far I have not seen any cells running 100% but we will continue to work on the test rig which so far we can only devote a few hours a week." (June 18, 2006)

Apr. 20, 2006 Peter Stevens says:

: "We have had filming done in the last couple of weeks by film maker Scott Nathan, and Guy from Airtime productions. We hope to get the video from them soon still in the Edit phase. They're the guys that filmed Joe that is on the BNE site. Also, I had Damien and Danny with their cameras last fortnight."

Apr. 24, 2006 John Carter wrote:

I am going to Peter's place tomorrow to help him set up a test engine on a stand with Joe Cell fitted and an indepentant person to film everything in detail. Might take a couple of days.

We have nothing to hide and want you all to have absolute and irrefutable proof.

Keep you posted.

Apr. 30, 2006 John Carter wrote:

I went to Peter's place yesterday and the engine is at a friend's place and we had to take stuff from there to the local tip, then come back and load the engine onto a trailer and move it to Peter's place. We found that one of the welch plugs is leaking, a PTO shaft needs to be fitted for dynamometer testing and a couple of wires need to be installed.

Then he got a call from Nick who is trying to figure out why his cell is not firing up the car and saw a spectacular video link of sparks leaping into the cell from a high tension lead from the engine and only one wire connected and and the cell sitting on a wooden floor (no earth).

Figure that out. That cell was sure pumping.

Then it was lunchtime and Peter had to go to a birthday and another function after that, so that was the end of the day. I think he will do what he can today but it will be till Tuesday till I meet up with him again, so the planned schedule is shot to bits.

May 6, 2006 John Carter wrote:

I spoke to Peter this morning and the coil and some of the wiring has to be replaced after the electrics overheated. Also a new cell is being fitted and the lid is the last item to be finished so it should be ready early next week.

Very frustrating I know but that is how it is.

In the meantime I understand Damien is about to fire up his cell so expect something from him shortly.

May 9, 2006 Mark Dansie wrote:

If all goes well with Peters Rig we should be able to film in the next few days. I am looking forward to this.

May 25, 2006 John Carter wrote:

I will be seeing Peter on Saturday and will be assisting him if necessary to

get the rig prepared and will report status.

May 26, 2006

Sterling Allan writes:

On May 23, Peter told me that he now had all the parts necessary, and that he expected to have the cell fitted to the test bed engine and running "later this afternoon." Three days later, we've not yet heard back, so we presume he's run into some problems getting it to work.

May 27, 2006

Re:REC Demo John Carter wrote:

As promised I am reporting on my meeting with Peter today. Another

cell has been made available, similar in design to the one Bill

Williams built but the seams are not aligned and the rubber insulator

material unsuitable. Changes and re-assembling will be done on Monday

and then testing on the engine should commence.

June 9, 2006

Re: My cell progress and local helpers. John Carter wrote:

I think we have ironed out the problems with the test motor but due

to different personal things that we have each had to attend to,

Peter, Damien and myself won't be meeting up again till next Tuesday

or Wednesday. By then we should be close to ready.

June 11, 2006

Peter says: Just a quick update. [I've] refitted the manifold gasket which was causing a problem -- tin/asbestos. So we should have something to tell you on Tuesday this week. Thank you for being so patient. I have been away out in Moree this weekend for a family celebration and Skype Conference call thru to the Netherlands energy meeting. Also, I believe Mark is back on Wednesday, so it may be opportune.

June 14, 2006

Re: Breathing Room for Peter's Birthing John Carter wrote:

[...] Yesterday, because we were hurrying a test run on the engine, we didn't

notice a battery cable resting against the exhaust and it melted and had to

be replaced. When you have more time on your hands you usually don't make

those sorts of errors. [...] On Friday Peter will fly to Perth in Western Australia to help a group of 20 get their cells going.

Re: Breathing Room for Peter's Birthing John Carter wrote:

The next available time we can meet again is mid next week as Peter has most

of tomorrow booked with patients and then he has to prepare for his trip to

Perth the next day. He gets back on Monday afternoon ( it's a 4 hour flight)

so we probably won't meet up till Wednesday.

The test engine has been in storage for a long time and was previously used

by others for other experimentation and all sorts of stuff has been put

through it. After failing to get the cell going yesterday it appears that

the residual fuel in the piston of the carburettor is disrupting the energy


June 15, 2006

Congress:Member:Greg Watson resigns from the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] to censure Watson because of his hotheaded mannerism in handling the validation (or lack thereof). Watson was going to be one of two NEC witnesses when the validation was ready. Earlier in the day, Watson had mentioned the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Peter Stevens. This, among other things, was what spurred Allan to call for Watson's censure. Watson responded by resinging.

Greg Watson's resignation from New Energy Congress (JoesCell2 list)

Greg Watson's resignation (NEC list)

June 18, 2006

John Carter posted the following to the JoesCell2 list.

Peter is in Perth this weekend hoping to get some cells running for a group

there. So far I have not seen any cells running 100% but we will continue to

work on the test rig which so far we can only devote a few hours a week.

We now have the test engine running OK and a few days ago tried to get a

cell running but without success. Joe believes it is caused by some dirty

fuel left in the accelerator pump piston in the carburettor and it is

causing a disruption to the energy flow.The carb. needs to be flushed out

with charged water and this will be done probably on Wednesday when Peter

should have some time available.

There is a large group of enthusiasts in Sydney taking up the challenge and

they consist of motor mechanics and engineers with a vast array of worshop

equipment and test instruments at their disposal.

Andrew Gardiner, who is the main contact, told me on Saturday, that they had

run a test engine on fuel and advanced the distributor out to 41 deg. before

it died. They then fitted a cell which contained charged water and were able

to get the engine to run in shandy mode with the spark advanced to 52 deg.

before it died, so something was happening.

They are doing some more work over the weekend.

June 20, 2006

Peter Stevens posted the following to Sterling Allan by Skype. Slightly edited.

I will be on the test engine tomorrow, I believe and will let you know how it performs. Thanks for patience in making this event happen to my satisfaction. Sorry to see Greg Watson in distress. His heart is in the right place. He just didn't let it beat on its own smile.

I will keep you informed.

The conference in Western Australia was very good, and I believe has helped a few on the road to success.

Image:Joe of the Joe Cell 95x95.jpg

Joe and Peter video (1.5 hours) - The video begins with Peter showing the test engine to which he will be adding a cell soon. Joe and Phil play with a Suzuki without positive on the coil. A discussion on the cell from Joe's perspective. (Video by PowerPedia:Peter Stevens (Ingventor) June, 2006)

June 21, 2006

Test engine update wednesday 21 June 2006 Peter Stevens wrote (slightly edited for clarity):

Today Joe and his friend Russell from Melbourne came, had a look at the Holden 186 engine and kindly offered some professional advice. What was going wrong with the engine: I had replaced the coil and the resistor (Bosch instead of Lucas) the wrong way, around negative through the coil instead of before the coil, etc. The replaced Coil has a crack in the lid and is arcing to the positive lead.

Also the distributor isn't right either, from when I had left the ignition on, cooked the electrics and fitted the wrong points and condenser.

To Do list: replace the tacko, coil, resistor and the distributor.

Also the altenator isn't wired in correctly and was from a Toyota, so the whole electrical side was incorrectly aligned.

The charged water from Keg is already in the Joe Cell. It is very slow to function and I may have to redo the rubbers.

Re: Hi John John Carter wrote:

Peter has just answered the question regarding the test engine. This test engine was inherited from the BNE group and it seems was built from bits and pieces from incompatible parts. I was not aware of how much incompatibility until this afternoon when Peter told me of Joe's visit to check it out.

So I have arranged with Peter to go there Friday and fit the necessary parts and hopefully nothing else will be wrong.

June 23, 2006
Image:Peter Stevens Joe Cell 95x95.jpg

New Energy Congress presses Peter Stevens for validation of Joe Cell claims - With a few days turning into two months, and the Joe Cell Seminar looming, the Congress is setting a deadline for Stevens to demonstrate his claim to be able to get a vehicle to run completely on a Joe cell, with fuel line disconnected. (PESN June 23, 2006)

Image:Tao of Equus 95x95.jpg

Does Joe-Cell Research need - Perhaps what is needed in solving the riddle of how to use Joe Cells to harness orgone energy is less brute force science and more intuitive sensitivity -- in the spirit of the Horse Whisperer. (PESN June 23, 2006)

June 25, 2006

Re: Priceless email from Greg Watson John Carter wrote:

Having problems is an understatement. Is it any wonder that the test engine, is taking so long to get going when you have to deal with this. I went to Peter's on Friday when we were to go to a local car wreckers to pick up the replacement distributor, coil and alternator that he had ordered for the test engine. They had taken the parts out of a car owned by a friend of the business owner. We drove the mechanic round to his place to pick up the parts. This mechanic is blind and has a seeing eye dog. Full marks to him for not letting a disability get in the way.

However when we examined the parts we found that one of the posts on the distributor had been snapped off where the high tension lead exits and one of the wires had been broken, the coil was off another type of car and the alternator was the wrong type and they expected us to buy this shit. Don't think the USA is the only country with hillbillies.

So we went to three more places before finding the right gear and the owners wife picked up the spanners and had the bits out of the car in no time. She had grease up to her armpits, smoked like a chimney and her favorite word started with "F" but she sure knew her cars.

By the time we got back it was too late to fit the items so Peter will do it over the weekend if he gets time and I will go back next Tuesday. You can see why things progress so slowly. Drives me nuts but when you move to a small country town where life is far less complicated and a great relaxing way of life, there are a few drawbacks that the big cities don't have. One of them is a ready supply of goods and services.

So another week goes by and still no closer to testing. Better luck next week.

June 30, 2006
Image:Tai Robinson Intergalactic Hydrogen Bridal Veils 95x95.jpg

NEC Announces Substitute Presentation for Joe Cell Seminar - Due to the lack of a validation of Peter Stevens' claims to run a vehicle on a Joe Cell with fuel line disconnected, substitute presentations on clean fuel conversions and the Proell effect are now planned for the July 30 seminar in Salt Lake City. (PESN June 30, 2006)

July 22, 2006

Re: AC/DC John Carter wrote:

As far as Peter's test rig is concerned it seems he is way too busy

with other things to spend time on it, so I will be looking for other people

to work with and as Damien is closest to me being in Brisbane, we will team

up. I think at this stage we can forget about Peter's test for the time


Also Sterling Allan wrote:

Peter Skyped me about a week ago and said he would have something running in a couple of days. He was looking forward to putting the skeptic comments to rest. No word since then.

Photos of Peter's Test Bed

Photos received from Peter Stevens by email on April 25, 2006.

Holden 186 Motor


Image:Peter Stevens test bed other side.jpg
Image:Peter Stevens test bed top.jpg
Image:Peter Stevens test bed side view.jpg
Image:Peter Stevens test bed side b.jpg
Image:Peter Stevens test bed corner.jpg

NEC Validation Trip, 2006

The following was composed by Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan on April 25, 2006.

We at the New Energy Congress are organizing a trip to Australia visit Peter Stevens and validate what he is claiming. We aim to have at least two NEC members go.

Peter is being more than accommodating in this.

He has a test bed on wheels (photo below) in which there is an engine to which he is in process of installing a Joe cell. He expects to have it operational on Saturday.

Peter said that in the last 14 years he has installed around 80 cells, 40-50 of which are exclusively running on Joe cell, 30-40 of which are assists for diesel engines. Of those, he knows of the present whereabouts and disposition of at least 15 that run exclusively on the Joe cell, fuel line disconnected.

He plans to invite as many of those as he can get a hold of to show up at this demo event with NEC. He whipped off a list of people faster than I could take notes (he didn't intend for me to list names) the vehicles/engines including a VW, a 351 V8, and a Daihatsu.

(The shop in which the test bed is located will be inaccessible for the next couple of days, hence the delay to Saturday before install is expected to be complete.)

There is a technical college nearby (Technical And Further Education branch in Wollongbar) that has a dynamometer to which the test bed can be attached. He hopes Byron Energy Group blokes will also turn out in force.

He joked that this event could turn into a mini Woodstock.

There is some urgency because:

1) A lot of people are now working on this, with the expectation of success. It would be good to let them know whether or not they are chasing a viable objective.

2) We would like to get there as soon after the test bed is done as possible.

We would like to see funds collected to:

a) cover all expenses

b) leave Peter with a gratuity check

c) cover Tech dyno expenses

d) provide a small stipend for the NEC member making the trip.

Peter is in Northern Rivers NSW Australia. I have his address. He is just 40 minutes from Lismore, which is where the closest airport is, but NEC member and Australian, Greg Watson, recommends flying into Gold Coast airport.

Mostly, we are looking for at least two NEC members to be an eyewitness. The technology is extraordinary enough that not a whole lot more is needed by way of instrumentation. You will need to verify that the fuel line is disconnected, and that the vehicle is operating, and how well it is operating on the Joe cell, and that things are hooked up right to the Dyno. Pretty basic. Nothing super fancy will be required for this validation. Just honesty, and NEC has a reputation for that.

I've connected with a guy named Andrew who lives two hours away who is willing to look into local hotel accommodations, as well as to help do the legwork in arranging the dyno test at the college. Greg says accommodations should not be a problem there. "Lots of local pubs." One night

should do it.

Peter said he will be able to make arrangements for PTO to connect the test bed to the dyno.

We won't plunk down money for tickets, etc. until Peter says he has the test bed hooked up successfully to the Joe cell.

If for some reason, that test rig is not able to be set up, there are other vehicles that Peter is working on being available to be viewed for validation of the principle of a Joe cell running a car, with fuel line disconnected. The dyno is just going the extra mile, which we greatly appreciate.


Cat amongst the pigeons - Greg Watson is willing to cover all expenses and give a compensation to Joe and others if they'll show him a working Joe Cell installed in a car as the only power source, under certain conditions. (May 9, 2006)

Ground Truth - list member proposes a method for independent testing of Joe Cell by the New Energy Congress. (Apr 19, 2006) <pesn type= ["></pesn>

The New Energy Congress is working on getting a representative from NEC to go view a working technology to validate it.


A professional journalist in Australia with video documentary expertise has volunteered to go visit someone (e.g. Peter) who has a car running on a Joe cell. He's in the middle of a move right now but will be able to go after that. -- Sterling (April 20, 2006)


things to check for in experimentation on Joe Cell -- rschultz101 (Apr 24, 2006)