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OS:Joe Cell:Theory

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Misc. Theory Expositions

The Joe Cell - Abundant, free, clean energy through space charge physics - The Joe Cell is a device that manipulates the natural balance between protons and electrons. By creating a charge imbalance within the cylinder, it can generate a powerful plasma that in turn creates heat and compression/implosion. -- Hamish Robertson

A more traditional approach in deducing Joe Cell's functioning - Greg Watson's deductions on how a Joe Cell can feed an internal combustion engine, basing on evaluation, as an engineer, of all the written, photographic and video evidence. (Apr 29, 2006)

OS:Joe Cell:Theory:How charged ions pass through blank bolt - Explanation covers Joe Cell operation, some construction considerations, potential dangers, and a physics explanation of the process. Explanation is limited to stage one during which the cell is behaving as an electrolysis unit, prior to the positive lead being disconnected in stage two. (Apr 23, 2006)

Dr Masuru Emoto, Hidden messages in water -- Peter Stevens (Apr 22, 2006)


Not implosion but Orgone -- Adrian (Apr 24, 2006)

Orgone energy measurement-- k1ngrs (Apr 24, 2006)

source energy - Stephen Sawyer says: "Tesla, Godderd, Peter Von Dresser, Hannis Ailvin, William Lyne,author of , "Occult Ether Physics", have described the energy as starlight, terrestial wave, ether. a vibrational energy wave that consists of orgone, tachyons, muons and others." (Apr 18, 2006)

How exactly can a Joe Cell run an engine? - Adrian comments: "The best stuff on orgone is by Wilhelm Reich." (Apr 18, 2006)

Image:Tao of Equus 95x95.jpg

Does Joe-Cell Research need - Perhaps what is needed in solving the riddle of how to use Joe Cells to harness orgone energy is less brute force science and more intuitive sensitivity -- in the spirit of the Horse Whisperer. (PESN June 23, 2006)


Superlight - opposite mirror–image counterpart to light. Explanation ties together the work of Reich, Tesla and others. -- George Carter (Apr 22, 2006) [


Browns gas is Helionon - Walter Russell has a name for this gas unlike modern science. The name of this gas is Helionon the last element of the forth octave. Every thing that exists in the world has an opposite. So now you know that Browns gas is really Helionon, and it is the opposite of Hydrogen. You can see it plan as day with the bang test, so anyone that says that this is regular electrolyses is wrong. -- Nick (Apr 20, 2006) [

"Walter Russell is the man that started it all back in 1834. It was his concepts that highlighted the technology for the cell. Also it is quite possible that Einstein built his theories off the back of Walter Russell's work. See his spiral of the elements and the periodic table where Helionon is mentioned." -- John Carter (Apr 21, 2006)

Argon Gas (Muonium) in Joe's water and in the Air - Michael Randall gives link (Apr 22, 2006 )

Walter Russell wasn't around "on this plane" in 1834... He came up with a lot of things but I think it was after he was born in 1871. ( Do you have any validation in regards to your proposed Einstein - Russell correlation?


Works on Implosion - conjecture by Kyle Talajic (Apr 14, 2006)

Hydrogen and Oxygen reaction speeds -- rlm555339 (Apr 24, 2006)

REBUTTAL Implosions and rod caps - we haven't had any problems within the engine at all to my knowledge. Maybe the static frequencies are maintaining an atrraction to holding things together more than we realise. Certainly once the engine spins beyond the normal range, incredible stresses are expedential . . . but twice the normal rev range and still no effect . . . then you start to wonder what is going on. So good point, the end cap bearings also have neutral plates within them (or shells of silver white metal, its called) and takes the compression of explosion. Maybe the implosion has a gentler pull and collasping space is cold, so less friction as the parts are smaller greater tolerances. -- Peter Stevens (Apr 19, 2006)

H+ to H conversion

Greg Watson says: "What I suggest is happening electrochemically inside the Joe Cell is not OU or Orgone but just H+ to H conversion with only the negative lead from the power supply connected. When the H+ ions run out the cell will need a quick top up by having the positive lead connected to the anode and generating more H+ ions (they are created at the anode during powered mode 1 and migrate to the cathode during only negative lead powered mode 2).

Theory exposition (pdf)

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Theory exposition