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Zsolooo's Replication = HOAX

Zsolooo replication of the Joe Cell and successful operation of his engine on the cell, with his fuel line disconnected, per the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell. Ends up being a hoax, just to see how easy it would be to make a false statement and have people believe it. (Jan. 15, 2007)


Zsolooo's Replication


On Dec. 22, Zsolooo, from Europe, announced that he had gotten his engine to run on a Joe Cell for an hour, with the fuel line disconnected.

I Did It

From: zsolooo


Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 6:08 PM

Subject: [JoesCell2] YEEESSS I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Finaly! It works!!!!!!! Amazing It works, it really works.Joe has

right. Thanks for him.

Exactly I don't know how, but I did it, I just attached my cell to the

engine and I charged it as previously, after every 4 hour for 5 minits

at 12V. The cell was filled up with rain water. After a week I have

observed that the motor ran (mazda 626 from 1985 with carburator)

different way. And when I changed the angle of timing it was more

powerful and when I disconnected the fuel line it worked for another 1

hour. After this I went to sleep. But I can't. I have some pictures

about my cell in my folder in the photos.

JC experimenters keep continue.


Just Pulling Your Leg

On Sun Jan 14, 2007 11:39 pm (PST), Zsolooo wrote to the discussion list:

Of course I didn't get my car running on JC. I am just trying as many

others here. Just I was tired from people who claims that they can

influence the weather with their cell and do some miracle with their

JC's, but on the other side I haven't seen from them any reliable

proof (a video where he is sitting next to a working JC). They just

claiming that he did it and giving advises to others and filming

videos where I can't see any JC.

So I tried it: 'What if I claim that I was successful. How can I

misinform people? I have to say that it is quite easy', just it needs

a man for who it is not a problem. Just some talking videos, some

cars and a most of people will follow you and yours wrong advises.

And you can prevent others from the preparation a successful JC

without using any violence.

Discussion Group Posts

Beginning with

YEEESSS I did it !!!!!!!!!!!! (Dec 22, 2006 1:08 am)



Cell Components


Posted Sep 8, 2006. Desriptions are as Zsolooo gave when he posted the images.

Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell components 200.jpg


1. simple O-ring is used between the plastic washer and plastic tube

- - - -

Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell components center arrangement 200.jpg


2. Here is visible the center arrangement

- - - -

Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell components upper nut 200.jpg


3. the upper nut and washer later was removed with plastic tube to overcome the shorting current between the bolt and the outer 5' tube

- - - -

Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell bolt drilled 150.jpg


4. The bolt is drilled in two perpendicular orientation

- - - -

Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell center bolt 200.jpg


5. center bolt with the plastic tube

- - - -

Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell bolt components 200.jpg


6. These plastics are commonly used for pipelines in Europe

How he did it