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Bill Williams' Replication

Bill Williams replication in the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell.

Bill had his truck running on a Joe Cell, with tremendous power in the first part of April, 2006. He was visited on April 11 by two men who told him to stop all alt energy activities. He complied, destroying his lab notes, etc. See story at (Apr. 13, 2006).

The following is pieced together from what others had about Bill's replication.


Bill's Replication


Joe Cell Truck Builder Threatened, Destroys Plans - After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe Cell technology, drawing energy from water and Orgone, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who requested that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn't. Others are keeping it alive. (PESN Apr. 13, 2006)

Image:Bill Williams 75Ford F-250 joe cell 95x95.jpg

Running a vehicle on Joe Cell is difficult and unstable - Bill Williams has said it took weeks to get his truck to the point of running 100% on the Joe cell, and that once achieved the system was very unstable and dangerous. Much R&D remains. (PESN June 22, 2006)

Discussion Group Posts

Ford Test Drive - Bill describes how his Ford performed with the Joe Cell. "It the throttle response was very crisp or touchy. With about a 1/8" of movement the next thing I new I was booking at close to 80 mph. If I lifted of ever so slightly on the throttle and it felt like I was putting the brakes on and the speed would drop down to 30 mph or so." (Apr 6, 2006)

Yes - Bill's answer to question: "have you been threatened by men touting guns". (Apr 11, 2006)

Joe cell lid - The reason Bill's engine was erratic was because the outside air was getting into the engine via breather holes, etc. fuel pump, distrbutor, and PCV Oil filler cap. also tweaking the timing. -- Peter (Apr 17, 2006)


Video of Bill Williams Ford Engine Running on Joe Cell - 1 minute video. Shows Joe cell inside engine compartment near front of vehicle, connected via tube to the under-side of the carburetor. (March 20, 2006)

Image:Bill Williams truck installed Joe cell 200.jpg


Ronald , who received regular correspondence from Bill about the project prior to the crack-down on Bill Williams, sent the following images on April 15, 2006, with the following preface statements:

: "I have 9 photos of Bill Williams cell components in an exploded view which he sent to me prior to his drama. He sent them to me as a visual aide on how his cell went together since he and I were corresponding regularly before his incident. These are Bill's photos taken by Bill of Bill's actual cell he got stomped for. So this is the baby that worked. This was to show me what the individual components looked like and to show me the welding on the bottom. The top plate is screwed on. I don't have pics of that but there were some posted somewhere.....I can't remember where."

The image descriptions were added by Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan, from a guess. Please correct if needed.

The images are dated March 27, 2006.

Image:Bill Williams cell tubes 300.jpg

Cylinders set out individually, with center rod and end plate laying flat on table.

Image:Bill Williams cell tubes b 400.jpg


Image:Bill Williams cell plate parts 500.jpg

End plate components laid out separate, prior to assembly. End plate, washers/insulator, nut, center rod.


Image:Bill Williams cell plate fasteners 300.jpg

Metal center rod with white washer spacers/insulators position illustrated, minus the end plate, which is laying to the left.


Image:Bill Williams cell plate 300.jpg

End plate fastened on with nut, with washer spacers/insulators.


Image:Bill Williams cell plate spacer 300.jpg

End plate fastened to rod.


Image:Bill Williams cell top weld 300.jpg

End plate welded to outer cylinder.

Image:Bill Williams cell top weld b 400.jpg


Image:Bill Williams cell bubbling.jpg

Assembled cell, bubbling.

How he did it

John Carter wrote the following on April 19, 2006.

Bill Williams started building a 5 cylinder cell comprising 1", 2", 3", 4" and outer tube 5", but Peter later advised him to remove the 1" centre tube and go with only two neutrals being the 3' and 4" tubes.

Peter says it makes no difference whether the top is conical or flat so Bill went with the easier option of a flat lid.

Bill had the connection to the vacuum line but the next step was to go blind but as we all know he was advised not to continue.