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Andy Graham's Replication

Andy Graham's replication of the Joe Cell technology as a tangential part of the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell. His objective is to charge water magnetically and electrically. Video posted shows a Vortex like swirling action taking place in the 'Swirler' bubble motor (not a Joe Cell, but a rotating field demonstrator device).

Image:Andy Graham Joe Cell.jpg

Mentioned here.



Official Site - Includes cell-related videos/photos and an interesting clip of the 'Swirler' bubble motor.


On Apr 17, 2006, Andy Graham wrote the following:

I just built something interesting that I believe is 'joe cell like'

enough to include to the group. I call it a 'Swirler', it's based on a

video I saw of a submerged speaker magnet that created a vortex when

electricity is applied.

I dont know how it creates circular movement with no moving

parts...perhaps this is similar to the rotating field that is found in

a stage 3 cell. I will use this to try to charge some water soon.

Photos are in the photo area. in the 'Swirler' folder.

Short clip of this thing working is at:

(second clip down)

Think of it as a 2 cylinder joe cell with a strong doughnut magnet as the

outer cylinder.

Image Gallery

Image:Top of Cell Pack 200.jpg

Top of Cell Pack


Image:Graham Top of Joe Cell Pack crop2 400.jpg

Cell Pack Top, Close-up


Image:Cell Pack Top 200.jpg

Cell Pack Top


Image:Cell Pack Bottom 200.jpg

Cell Pack Bottom


Image:Cell Pack Underside 200.jpg

Cell Pack Underside


Image:Inside Canister 200.jpg

Inside Canister


Image:Cell Unassembled 300.jpg

Cell Unassembled


Image:Teflon Spacers 200.jpg

Teflon Spacers


Image:Cell and Base 200.jpg

Cell and Base


Image:Andy Graham Joe Cell.jpg

Cell Assembled

Swirler Device #2

On April 22, 2006, Andy Graham posted the following:

'Swirler' Device #2 in Stainless (PHOTOS)

I built a much better version of the 'Swirler' device out of all

stainless so I could test different waters in it without the crap


comes off mild steel. Also, I"ve electrically isolated the magnet


felt pads to eliminate the wierd deposits from electrolysis directly

off the magnet's plating (it works better this way too) .

Anyways, below are detailed photos of the device from all angles and

stages of assembly. People have asked me to blueprint it, but since


dimensions are critical, and everthing will ultimately depend on the

size of the magnet anyway, I thought these photos might help someone

build one and understand the concept better.

There are no new photos of the 'Swirling' yet because I shorted out


bridge rectifyer and ruined it. Gotta build a new one before


experiments can continue for me. :) Anyhow:

If interested, I recommend you save these photos to your computer as


dont know how long tinypic will host them for...maybe a week or




Q. / A.

Q. popping bubbles

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'Swirler Device' - "I dont know how it creates circular movement with no moving parts...perhaps this is similar to the rotating field that is found in a stage 3 cell." (Apr 17, 2006) [see follow-up comments at the end of the post]

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