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OS:Joe Cell:Replications

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Information to Include in Replication Reports

Suggested by Ted on Apr 22, 2006.[ tomboceaser PESWiki role

Precisely itemize the materials you chose to use.

Precisely describe how you built your cell

Identify what kind of water you used and what if anything you put in it

Precisely describe how you chose to charge your water

Describe time frames needed to achieve Stages 1,2, and 3 and what you saw at each stage

Describe your results or lack thereof at every step.

Describe any modifications you made along the way and exactly how they differed from the original configuration.

Include photographs of every component, finished prototype, water charging equipment, modification, power supply,

Document any installation with specs on the vehicle or other device you attached the cell to.

Create a log to document performance of the installed, operational cell.

Other reporting tools:

Cell table in database section -- Rob [k1ngrs] (Apr 22, 2006)

List of Replications

Functional in Car

: "Peter and John are doing such an exceptional and selfless job at supporting replication" -- JoesCell2 list member (Apr 20, 2006)

Image:Proton Cell sample 95x95.jpg

OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell > Inventor runs engines on 'Proton Cell' - "BJ" explains how his version of the Joe Cell works, and why it works, giving specific instructions about how he has been able to achieve repeated success. (PESN Nov. 1, 2006)

Bill Williams

OS:Joe Cell:Replications:Bill Williams (separate page) - Bill had his truck running on a Joe Cell, with tremendous power in the first part of April, 2006. He was visited on April 11 by two men who told him to stop all alt energy activities. He complied, destroying his lab notes, etc. See story at This page aims to restore what information was available about his specific replication.

Image:Bill Williams cell tubes 95x95.jpg
Peter Stevens

John Carter said he took a ride the other day in a Ford Econovan that Peter Stevens converted to run on a Joe Cell (not exclusive, but in assist mode). He said the car "rocketed up the hill" it had so much power. (Ref.)

See OS:Joe Cell:Validation - for updates on validation process of Stevens' claim to having installed Joe cells on cars, with fuel line disconnected. (Not yet validated as of June 18, 2006)

Diesel Trucks and Buses - I have run a couple of Cells on different deisel trucks and Buses and can only report on One at this moment 600 KM range increased to 930 km for the same tank the unit continues to use Deisel and functions with more power and torque dyno test results showed a