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Jim's Joe Cell replication

: "The truck has twice its normal power, ...but will not yet run on the cell alone."

Image:James Wildman cell c 95x95.jpg


Overview of when device was built, how much materials cost, applications tried, test results

Discussion Comments

my joe cell - "the truck has twice its normal power, ...but will not yet run on the cell alone" (Apr 12, 2006)

Re: my joe cell - "Posted pics of my test cell in jim's cells folder" (Apr 12, 2006)

I suggest that we could use the phenomenom of the cell's overexpansion of water as a method of measuring acclamation of the engine.. IE, if you advance too far the cell will overexpand the water and empty itself.. A few degrees back toward normal and its fine.. As the engine acclimates this threshold should migrate toward advance until you can run on cell energy alone...


The following images have been compressed, and were originally uploaded at JoeCells2

Image:James Wildman cell a crop 300.jpg


test cell, built with full length pipe stock, and other stuff around the house.


Image:James Wildman cell b crop 300.jpg


test cell running on 24 volts for filling balloons.


Image:James Wildman cell c 300.jpg


some brown build up from charging water for other cells.




A small JC made for demos and such..

Test Results

Cell is run at 90 volts with no electrolyte and a square wave pulse "dc motor speed controller, with a heavy duty mofset" for a few hours until brown scum stops..

Cell can then be run for hours on 12v with sodium hydroxide added to bring the current up to 1 or 2 amps, no brown scum forms.. I use a stick on aquarium thermometer and stop charging if the temp goes off the scale 60-90 %f,, this helps me to keep from overheating the whole mess.

I found if you use only stainless steel, nitril rubber, and glass in your cell the brown scumm will stop,, any other compounds especially petrolium based will generate alot of colloid.

In my truck for two weeks now, timming moved from 8 to 12 degrees and the truck comes alive..

I can get the truck to idle at 46 degrees but stalls if fuel pump is switched off.

also at any more than 19 degrees and the cell sucks itself dry..

I wouldnt call this a sucess as far as running on "cell energy" alone is concerned, but I would call the huge power increase a sucess..

I have found a stainless top for the cell as the glass top, "now cracked" needs replaced. perhaps with the correct metal top I will have more sucess..

All my cells are made from 304 ss muffler pipe from The smaller tubes I beleive are meant for bearing races and are 316 ss .5" and 1", but all the rest are 304 ss 1.5" 2" and 2.5"

I cut small peices of nitril rubber sheet 1/4" to use as spacers "worked great".

The cells hold charge, act as expected, quickly seem to go stage 3 but no go on the running without gasoline..

Im not done yet..



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