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OS:Joe Cell:Instructions:Subtleties

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On April 19, 2006, Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan writes (with John Carter and Peter's corrections included):

I had a phone conversation with John Carter today (April 17, 2006). John lives near Peter Stevens in Australia, and they both had a visit last Thursday with "Joe", the namesake of the Joe cell. Peter is the specialist on getting vehicles to run on Joe Cells, and John has been watching closely.

John pointed out a number of subtle points that until now have not been included in our instructions set.

Stainless Steel Cutting

Peter says that the reason you should not use an angle grinder is because of the possibility of cross contamination with other materials on which the grinder may have been used. The same goes for hacksaw blades or lathe bits which may have been used for cutting mild steel or copper for instance.

It is the cross contamination of the stainless steel with any other metal on which the cutting implement may have been used, that will cause a change in the field of the stainless steel and can also introduce corrosion.

Don't Polish Stainless Steel Tubes


Don't polish the stainless steel tubes. It ruins the electrical charge properties of the metal needed for proper cell function. If you have polished your tubes, you will need to start with a new set.

You guys who have polished your tubes, don't worry, it's OK. -- Adrian, after chat with Peter Stevens (Apr 23, 2006)

Joe gave a severe reprimand [on April 13, 2006] to one of the guys who showed him the cell that he had polished. Joe said to throw it in the bin and go make a new one. Can't get any more definite than that. -- John Carter (April 20, 2006)

Yes, Williams polished his tubes. Yet Joe is dead against that because he says the charge will track around the tiny scratches where it has been sanded. However Bill's cell worked after polishing, so it obviously didn't effect it. -- John Carter (April 20, 2006) [

Misc. comments: [


The base plate should be full welded to the outermost tube in order to seal in the water.

The pedestal (see Bill's OS:Joe Cell:Blueprints) needs only to be tack welded to the inside of the innermost tube.

The anode bolt and neutrals are insulated from the bottom plate, and the bottom plate is welded to the outer cannister.

Q. Fuse welded Seam

Find and Match the Tube Polarities

And finally, the most odd instruction, the ignorance of which is probably one of the biggest reasons why so many have failed in attempting this process.

The tubes each have a polarity that runs their length. The polarity of the tubes from one to the next needs to match, and the batch needs to have the positive polarity up, and negative polarity down.

This is explained further here: OS:Joe Cell:Instructions:Polarity of Pipes

Avoid Magnetism in Steel

Magnetism is likely to be the result of an inferior grade or seam welds. -- John Carter

Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel

{not confirmed as a step required in Joe Cell and actually may be discouraged for Joe Cell?}

"The heat treatment is to remove the residue magnetism in the stainless steel. When you weld, cut, polish, bend, drill the metal it alters it some way at the molecular level and it becomes slightly magnetic. You do everything you need to do the parts then heat treat the whole

lot before assembly. If the parts show virtually no magnetism all over, then you may be

able to get away without heat treating." -- Rob [k1ngrs] (Apr 20, 2006) [ anealing

Juvenile Water

"Bottled warter has been through a purification process and is therefore effectively "dead". The best water is from a mountain spring, which should come out at a temperature of about 4 degree C. It should not be stored in plastic containers. Use glass, preferrably brown glass to keep it from sunlight." -- Bernie (Apr 20, 2006)


There seems to be an emotional component involved in Joe Cell technology and Orgone in general. It is influenced by negative and positive emotional energy of those operating it.

"There seem to be some connectione between the emotional state of the operator of the sell, and his success rate." -- Kenn Johnsen (Apr 20, 2006) <pesn type=" str="" str="["></pesn>

Personality of a Joe Cell -- Sterling D. Allan (Apr 20, 2006)

What is acceptable science? - we've observed some pretty weird things with the Joe cell. (Apr 24, 2006)