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OS:Joe Cell:Instructions:How to Run Engine on Joe Cell

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Derived from an email from Peter Stevens on April 22, 2006, Earth Day. <pesn type=["></pesn>

Clearing the Scum

If you're getting scum, you've left the power on.


Empty the container.


Begin this way:

# First connect negative on the outside cell and positive on to the middle cathode normally for two to three minutes.

# Swap the terminals back over for 1 minute

# Empty the container. It should be clear of residual scum on the plates.

# Refill with water.

# Negative lead on first.

# Then after two minutes (yes two minutes), connect the positive 12V DC Lead to the outside container.

The following comment was added by Peter Stevens on April 23, 2006

Your Joe cell was left on for too long. The brown scum is colloidal mineral and mostly iron. From the discription of it, your cell is working within the first two minutes. It is active as soon as bubbles start to appear.

{Once operating?} Take the Positive lead away the Joe Cell only requires Negative to function properly.

Running the Engine

It's good to have an assistant for this procedure.

# If at this time it is installed in the engine bay, start the engine. With the tube connected to the vacuum under the carbi it will draw the gas in. Let this happen for three minutes.

# Now comes the dangerous part. Using a long-handled screwdriver, I generally arc the crank.

# With the positive lead you've taken off the cell by now, just touch the moving outside rim on the crank. Sparks should fly as you zap the crank for 1 second. Keep clear of fans, belts, etc. {Question: when was the positive lead taken off the cell?}

# Stop the engine.

# Disconnect the fuel line, and block it with a suitable bolt. (Some fuel pumps are electric. What's yours?) {Question: what are the ramifications of electric versus not?}.

# Now loosen the bolt securing the distributor. Place a reference mark where it is, and advance the spark 10 degrees. This should still allow the engine to run.

# Now, with the remaining fuel in the carburetor, start the engine.

# As the engine starts to cough, turn the advance distributor to about 30 degrees from where it started. That equates to 60 on the crank.

# Rev the engine.

# {Question on next sentence: If engine is running, we don't want to be turning the key. Has the engine stalled?} Turn the key and rev the engine. As the engine continues to cough, keep moving the distributor around until it evens out. You'll notice that it has a gasping sound and the engine will slow nearly to a stop then it will pick up again then slow. This is normally what happens quickly {Question: what does the word "quickly" refer to here?}.

# Don't touch the cell once running. Vary the timing.

# Fasten your seat belt enjoy your day.

-- Cheers, Peter Stevens