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OS:Joe Cell:Instructions

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Instructions for building a Joe Cell, installing it in a vehicle, and running the vehicle on the Joe Cell.

Part of the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell.



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OS:Joe Cell:Materials

Running Your Engine on a Joe Cell

How to Make and Run a Joe Cell - Interview of Peter Stevens by Adrian Mutimer, to further pin down the process of how to build, prime/charge, and then run a car on a Joe cell. (PESN Apr. 27, 2006)

Image:Joe Cell by Peter Stevens 95x95.jpg
Image:Joe Cell by Peter Stevens 95x95.jpg
Image:Joe Cell by Peter Stevens 95x95.jpg
Image:Joe Cell by Peter Stevens 95x95.jpg

OS:Joe Cell:Instructions:How to Run Engine on Joe Cell - Peter Stevens give step-by-step instructions to Chris about how to run his car engine on the fuel cell he made, with fuel line disconnected.

How to Run Your Car on a Joe Cell - Explanation of the highly unusual technology and some of the astonishing claims surrounding it. This fuelless technology could make gasoline and diesel obsolete, while not requiring a change of the engine infrastructure now in existence. (PESN Apr. 16, 2006)

Running a vehicle on Joe Cell is difficult and unstable - Bill Williams has said it took weeks to get his truck to the point of running 100% on the Joe cell, and that once achieved the system was very unstable and dangerous. Much R&D remains. (PESN June 22, 2006)

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Supplemental Pages

Instruction Subtleties

OS:Joe Cell:Instructions:Subtleties - Subtle things that have traditionally been inadertently or unwittingly omitted from instructions.

Comments on Various Particulars

Tubes and Welding for Ease and Strength

On Apr 19, 2006 Rob (k1ngrs) wrote:

Yes the completed outer container will do just fine, the rest is

pretty straight forward anyway, and I agree about the heat treatment.

If I cut the inner tubes myself then it would make sense to heat

treat the whole lot in one go.

One last thing that you could cut is the small disk on the bottom of

the 1" or 2" tube.

This will need three limbo holes and a central hole for the mouting


I have been trying to figure a way of fitting this to the tube

without the need for welding:

1 disk 1" OD, 1 disk or washer that fits in the tube, 1" length of

rubber rod (sliding fit in tube) with 3 holes and a central hole,

thin strip of stainless steel in a "Y" shape with a hole in the

centre to use as a conductor to the tube.

A nut is tightened on the bolt to compress the tight rubber rod.

The expanding rubber will lock the whole lot together.

Someone is bound to come up with a better way, it just needs to be

straight, solid, electrically connected to the tube and allow water

to pass through.