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Parts Available from Tom

Tom Vanmoorleghem, of Colorado Laser in Colorado Springs, is willing to cut stainless steel parts at cost for the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell.

Sold Out : Just wanted to let you know that all the parts we made are sold out for the Joe Cell, and if it would be possible to take our company off the website for parts. I'm leaving this company, so my boss won't continue to make these anymore. The parts are actually almost ready to be shipped. I will send you a picture of the finished tubes as a group picture, so you can post it if you like on your site, maybe more peopel will get interested in making parts for the group. -- Tom (May 15, 2006)



Pricing / Time

I finally got the total for the completed Joecell outside cannister.

The most expensive part is the 5" tube that is 316L and has a wall

thickness of 0.085. The price with the fuse welding the top cover

and related lasercut parts is US$195. There will be only 24 pieces

made as that is the amount of tube we can order at once. If you are

interested, please let me know asap. It takes 2 weeks to get the 5"

cut pipe in. So total time would be about 3 weeks. These prices are

all at cost and only done for this group. -- Tom (Apr 21, 2006)

We got a price on the innertubes as listed on the blueprints, and a set

of 2, 3 and 4" in 316L with a wallthickness of 0.065 is US$55.00

We are looking at finding people to buy the 30 sets we will get.

If there is not enough demand, we will not be able to buy them and the

orders will have to get cancelled unfortunatly, since we don't want to

end up having these in stock as they are spendy. -- Tom (Apr 21, 2006)

I just called Tom and ordered the tank setup

and the tubes that he can get. $250 all said

and done. -- Brad (Apr 21, 2006)


I work for a lasercutting company and am able to cut these ring parts with holes pretty easy out of 0.100" thick 316 stainless. If there would be enough demand for it I could ask my boss to see if we can cut some for you guys for cost, being material and machine use. I look for about a 10 part count, since it takes time to do the setup. Tom

It seems like there is enough interest for these parts, so I will try

to put some prices together for the parts. I'm also looking

into the idea to put the welded cannister together, so that all you

would need is the parts that go inside. The bottom cutout part is made

for a tube wall thickness of 0.060" Since this can vary to what some

people can get, that's the reason why I was thinking of that idea. I

will post some more info tomorrow and will definetly consider the ebay

way of selling. This way I can sell it for a set price without bidding

and payments would not be a problem. I also will post a photo of the

parts that were cut with this email. (Apr 18, 2006

I did a magnetic test here at work this morning to see the

difference in the cutting of the stainless 316L. And it is like I

was describing before, quite a bit of magnetic attraction on the

parts we cut with oxygen, and the same attraction as non cut 316L

with the piece cut by nitrogen, even 316L has a little attraction as

described by many people online. Since these pieces have to be

welded somehow, they will get more magnetic at the welds and I think

it would be a good idea for people to get the parts heat treated

when they are put together, to get rid of the magnetism and maybe

also the bad vibes from certain people handling the parts. Any

suggestions on this? (Apr 19, 2006)

Cut with N instead of O

I just discussed this project with my boss, and he is willing to

help out to cut these parts at cost. The parts that are shown in the

photo gallery and to the specs of Bill's blueprints will cost $40,

this includes the holes tapped for the bolts on the cover. The

center top hole will be cut out for a 3/8NPT pipe. I'm looking into

the outside tube prices and welding which will be listed later.

Since ebay costs money and is time consuming, I decided to let the

company I work for to do the transactions.

They have a creditcard machine and can ship via UPS or Fed EX.

The price of $40 includes $27 in material. Shipping is according to

what UPS or Fed Ex Charges. (Apr 19, 2006)

I'm getting prices together for a complete vessel without the inner pieces. All welded together like shown in the drawing. Please contact the company I work for to make an order as they will do the processing. (Apr 19, 2006) [

Possible metrics (to discusss)

Possibility 1

























Possibility 2

Negative tube is 2? outside diameter X 8? in length X 0.059 wall thickness = 50.8mm

First Neutral tube is 3? outside diameter X 8? in length X 0.059 wall thickness =76.2mm

Second Neutral tube is 4? outside diameter X 8? in length X 0.059 wall thickness = 101.6mm

Vessel or positive tube is 5’ outside diameter X 10? in length X 0.059 wall thickness = 127mm

6 ' 152.4

Vessel Top diameter, Flange Ring & Bottom cap are 1/8’ in thickness flat plate.


Colorado Laser

638 Elkton Drive

Colorado Springs CO 80907


Contact person: Tom