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For Sale

Items for sale relevant to the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell. Focusing specifically on kits or complete units available for sale. Instruction manuals for sale would also apply to this listing.


Listing of Joe Cell Items for Sale

Important Caveat : "A lot of factors makes the working of a Joe Cell, and you can't just send a working Jeo Cell, and expect to just mount it on your veichle and take off. It just dosen't work that way (yet). May I instead advise you to buy some ready-made components, and use some of the great guides for making the magic work." (Soeren, Denmark)[


(The NuTech2000 resources may not necessarily be specific to this particular Joe Cell replication project, which may include some variations.) -- Joe Cell Kits and Manuals - At least six manuals, several Joe cell kits for cells of varying sizes. Related tools: pH meters, buffer solutions.

Image:NuTech2000 kit4.jpg

: "Everything needed for the COMPLETE ASSEMBLY of a Joe Cell unit. The parts can all be purchased in sections outer casing, inner tube set, fixtures etc. They are DEFINITELY worth a look!"

Joe Cell Assembly Instructions Video - Using the kit that Nutech2000 sells, Ringo has filmed every stage from cell assembly, installation, orgone accumulato jacket, figure eight, sea salt skum, alkaline water, press fit cone, blind plug, and much more.

Fran Giroux

On April 18, 2006, Fran Giroux of, a commercial application, wrote:

I did a lot of work with Joe Cell experimentation back in 2000 when I was designing my hydrogen generator, as you can probably tell by the interior design of my cell.

Image:Inside used cell saturn Fran Giroux 250h.jpg
Image:Spacers first prototype 250h.jpg

I have a stock of 304 stainless 4" pipe, and 316 stainless 3", 2", 1 1/2", 1", and 1/2" pipe.

These are all welded pipe and I remember a lot of instruction against "Magnetic" properties being not great with welded pipe but these are factory welded with no apparent magnetic anamolies at the seams.

I can cut them at whatever length the guys want. You can have them contact me for prices.

I also have polyethylene spacers (picture attached of first prototype) that I use inside my hydrogen generators. I have a few old polypropylene ones that are brittle but okay for experiments.

Pass the word of the availability of these items from me if the guys are looking for them.

Joe Cell Energy


Joe Cell Energy - Kits for sale.


Getting credit card processing set up - Sterling Allan recommends PayPal (online) and (phone/fax orders) to take payments.


Posted a - Zilch. If I am wrong, proven wrong, I will immediately turn 360 and help making this a worldwide affordable available product. I can do this, it is therefore I would like to buy a working prototype. I have the connections to mass produce and mass market this kind of device. I also have the instruments. -- joecell_se (Apr 24, 2006)

now is the time to build one, not buy -- David Ojeda (Apr 24, 2006) retort

I'd ship you one, but will it make the trip? -- Bernie Heere (Apr 24, 2006) reply

Due diligence part of progress -- joecell_se (Apr 24, 2006)