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Contacts for the OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell.

If you are willing to list your name as a contact point in this project, go ahead and list it below. This is a publicly editable site. If you are willing to allow people to come see a demonstration of your Joe Cell replication, please note that, and note the stage of development of your Joe Cell (building, running, assisting car, running car with no fuel input).




The following have expressed willingness to help people with their Joe Cell replications by answering questions and providing guidance.

Peter Stevens

Peter, from Australia, is running his car assisted by a Joe Cell (Dual Fuel), and is glad to help anyone else do the same.


skype: ingventor

The Pros

Alex Schiffer, Australia

Has build working Joe Cells and run cars on them. Several videos have been produced and are available showing his work.


John Carter

Associate in Australia involved in the replication project. Communicated extensively with Bill Williams before Bill was threatened and told to cease all activity on this.


Pat Maas

Pat of Earth Walker is running a sustainable farming project in New Mexico, USA. She's building a laboratory for research. She can provide funding for renewable energy projects, and has taken a particular interest in this Joe Cell project. She is willing to let researchers come to her facility for protection, once the facility is ready to go, expected in mid May, 2006.

email: skakya {at}


Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan owner of PESWiki, heading up the posting of pages for the Joe Cell replication project. 4147 N. West Pinion Cir., Eagle Mountain, UT 84043. 801-407-1292.

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