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OS:Joe Cell:Caution

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Deadly Orgone

The following is quoted from the Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell.

Deadly Orgone (DOR) : An " unhealthy " form of Orgone energy in the atmosphere. Under agitation by materials that act as irritants to Orgone, the Orgone energy eventually becomes immobilised and "dead".

The following should be avoided:

Any cathode ray device such as a TV sets, computers, oscilloscope, etc.

Microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, luminous face watches, smoke detectors and electric blankets.

Mobile phones and towers, courier radio telephone service or similar instrumentalities, airport radar and communication services, TV, AM, FM radio transmitters, radio traffic lights, police radar, high tension power lines, nuclear power plants, nuclear waste or storage facilities, and past or present nuclear testing areas.

The above electromagnetic and nuclear devices and materials are known to irritate Orgone energy, driving it into a severely excited state which Reich identified as the Oranur effect. These effects persist long after the irritation is removed (years). Under such persisting agitation, the Orgone energy eventually becomes immobilised and "dead". Reich identified this deadened energy state as Dor (Deadly Orgone).

A typical human reaction to Dor is lethargy, immobilisation and emotional remoteness. The most important effect is, that it tends to drive latent medical symptoms to the surface.


If Oranur or Dor is present, an accumulator will amplify these tendencies. If my cells "play-up", I feel very tired, my face looks and feels bloated, I have trouble with my eyes, and I feel as if I was sun burnt. You should dismantle the cell immediately and find the cause. As for yourself, have a cold shower as soon as possible and you should feel better.


I will mention some important research information from Reich.

The effect of Deadly Orgone Rasdiation. (1961) Compiled by Charles R. Kelley in Radix institute bulletins.

: "Dor is an abnormal life-inimical form of orgone energy. it is present recurrently throughout the Earth's atmosphere, is present chronically in large regions of it, and is increasing.

: "Dor is an immobilised stagnant energy that seriously interferes with normal orgone energy metabolism, both of atmospheric and of living orgone systems.

: "Whereas orgone energy normally gives the sky a light blue or blue grey appearance, DOR-infested regions of the atmosphere appear dark, sometimes blackish or purplish black. Normal orgone energy is in constant motion, flowing, flimmering, or pulsating, while DOR is still and oppressive.

: "The stillness of DOR-infested atmosphere makes them especially subject to pollution of all kinds. Urban smog appears principally and most seriously in atmospheres immobilised by DOR.

: "Animals or plants exposed to heavy or chronic dor concentration are seriously disturbed in their orgone energy metabolism, which is dependent on the external orgone energy field in which they live. Continued exposure can result in grave disorders and eventually, even death for plant and animal alike.

: "A tree exposed to a DOR infested atmosphere dies in a particular way. DOR is attracted down onto the tree from above. The top of the tree therefore is usually affected first. the leaves curl and die, and the bark disintegrates and peels. The tops of outstretched branches, usually near the top of the tree, are next affected. The bark on the tops of the branches turns dark and disintegrates. The tree dies from the top down and from the outside in.

: "In areas of extremely high DOR concentration, exposed rocks begin to turn black. The black usually begins in small spots, and expands to cover more and more rock surface.

: "When DOR is removed by the use of the Reich apparatus, it becomes concentrated around the equipment. This concentration can become so serious as to be a hazard to life."


Re: Orgone blanket made me sick - Comments by James DeMeo, Ph.D. and author of The Orgone Accumulator Handbook. (April 18, 2006)


"The hydrogen generators (OS:Joe Cell:Replication:Hotsabi's e-Cell) I built [not Joe Cells, but a related variant] are extremely dangerous. We are talking about Hydrogen gas. HELLO. And the unkown gases and fluid resulting from this process are definetly dangerous and quite possibly deadly." -- hotsabi (Apr 20, 2006)

"Hydrogen is not toxic at all. If we exclude its very highly flammable and explosive proprieties it's actually a very safe gas. Even when burnt no poisonous byproducts are generated. The real problem for health is that a high concentration of it in a restricted area can displace oxygen, leading to possible asphyxia. Again, high concentrations of Hydrogen are extremely flammable and explosive." -- SHIRAKAWA Akira (May 23, 2006)


Some people have found themselves approached by people (not identified) who make threats against them because of their work with Joe Cell technology.

Joe Cell Truck Builder Threatened, Destroys Plans - After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe Cell technology, drawing energy from water and Orgone, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who requested that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn't. Others are keeping it alive. (PESN Apr. 13, 2006)

Dangers to Car

Implosions and rod caps - "You might want to consider what vehicle you use the cell on. If I understand this right ....70 degrees BTDC is the compression stroke, if the implosion takes place here then the rod caps will be taking a beating by being stretched and are sure to break. I know firsthand that no motor is designed to take the torque of an implosion on the upward compression stroke. The rod end caps are normally held on with small screws and only designed to keep the rod berings in place." (hotsabi Apr 18, 2006) <pesn type=" str="["></pesn>


If the orgone is burning with air (if otherwise, the engine power

couldn't be regulated with the throttle, which restricts the amount of

air going in the cylinders), then there have to be byproducts of this

combustion, which can be toxic or polluting.

This matter needs to be investigated. -- shirakawa.akira (Apr 23, 2006)

Mechanical Dangers

Working with engines carries certain risks of which you need to be aware to prevent serious injury.

These include:

Moving parts (fan blade, belts)

Hot components and liquids.

Electric shock from electronics

Arcing of metalic tools across battery terminal.

Explosion of battery

Battery acid

Sharp edges

Explosive fuel

Flamable liquids.

Many more


Deadly Orgone - Sterling asks: "Are we like children playing in Dad's gun closet -- oblivious to the dangers of what we're playing with?" (Apr 17, 2006)