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Open sourcing the presentation of a complete set of plans to enable a diesel engine to be run on grease.

Websites - "Highlighting the most prominent "greasers" around, the provides news and content coverage of significant advances in the world of grease power. May we all find the grease that gets us where we want to go. Grease it and go...." "Greasecar vegetable Fuel Systems allow mechanically injected diesel vehicles to run on straight, filtered vegetable oil. Vegetable oil as fuel is a cleaner, safer and less expensive alternative to petroleum based fuel. It can be locally produced, even grown in your own back yard!" - Ernest Griesel's Instructions on Converting Diesel School Buses to run on Fry Grease

Grease Powered School Bus

Pevekoil manufactures the most reliable and powerfull solenoid valves developed specially for vegetable oil conversion system for diesels.

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Ernest Griesel Drives His Diesel Bus on Grease - Ernest Griesel -- yes, that is his birth name -- drives around in a diesel bus whose diesel engine he has converted to run on grease from restaurants. It burns well and clean. The exhaust smells like French fries. He shares easy-to-follow conversion instructions. (PESN March 10, 2005)