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OS:Flynn Parallel Path Magnet Technology

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Replication Disclaimer

The creation of these devices for personal/experimental purposes is allowed however, any commercial applications MUST be licensed through Charles Joseph Flynn.

Proposed Replication Projects

The following are proposed replication projects. For more information on PPMT see the Directory:Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology

Device 580

This device is a simple rotary motor with out a timing method. This is from patent 6342746.


Figs. 26 and 27 show methods of skewing that determine the direction. 26 shows a notched rotor member that is turning clockwise and 27 shows a different method turning counter-clockwise. It should be noted that both methods are capable of skewing(rotation) in either direction.

Current Replication Attempts

OS:BoobTube713 Device 580



Device 10

These are from patent 5455474. This device uses an integrated optical timing method.


Above is an expanded view of Device 10.


This is an assembled side view of Device 10.


This shows the optical timing method of the device.

See all of the images from patent 5455474 PatNo.5455474.

Project Data

Post data/plans here.

After close examination I see no reason why Device 10 could not be made mostly of plastic or wood. The magnets, coils and the (non-magnetic)center rod would be the only metal needed.

Past Replication Projects

Michael Schuckel

Directory:Flynn Parallel Path principle device

Image:Flynn Parallel Path proof sq 95x95.jpg
Tim Harwood

Directory:Simple flux experiment

Image:Harwood simple flux small.jpg
Jan Vink

Directory:FPPP:Replication:Jan Vink

Image:Jan Vink FPPP replication 95x95.jpg
YouTube Video

I will only put up videos with a clear replication of the parallel path effect.


Not in English but still a very good demonstration. About 10min.

This is an exact example of the "Parallel Path" effect when not using a "PPMT bypass" as described in PatNo.6246561, near page 40 of 49 in the PDF or column 9 line 56.


Again not in English but still a very good demonstration. About 2min.

The flux path of the magnets in this video are changed with a CR2450 watch battery.


And again not in English but still a very good demonstration.

Translation of YouTube description: "This engine was built with Parallel Path technology. Note what happens to the engine by removing the magnets. Proof that the energy to spin the engine is taken from the magnets, ..."

Parallel Path Proof of Concept Device as a Motionless Energy Generator


See close-ups of the circuit here.

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Note: I personally do not like the term Motionless Energy Generator. I prefer the term M.E.G. as the concept of Magnetic Energy Generation. However, the former meaning is used below.

As shown in the images above the standard Proof of Concept Device can and does make a M.E.G. however, I have not seen any data on the amount of electricity generated. Although I have seen the Proof of Concept Device operate with small disposable batteries such as CRs, AAs and AAAs. This is extremely encouraging because when used as a M.E.G. the magnetic field need not change paths completely. This is because the amount of electricity generated is determined by the field intensity and rate(speed) of change, not the over all amount of change. See below. So it my be possible to generate energy using only a miniscule amount of input power to continuously disrupt the magnetic fields. By coupling the fields of 2 magnets in a PPMT manner we are significantly increasing the field intensity and it is believed that the speed of the flux fields themselves is at or near the speed of light. If this is true then the limiting factor would be the speed of the switch or circuit being used and as technology advances the maximum speed will continue to increase.

The following is from a paper on induced EMF available on the Boston University website.

There is only an induced emf when the magnetic flux changes, and while the change is taking place. If nothing changes, the induced emf is zero.

The magnetic field is increased uniformly from 0.3 T to 0.8 T in 1.0 seconds. While the change is taking place, what is the induced emf in the coil? 'Note:' T = Tesla / 1 Tesla is 10,000 Gauss / 0.3 T = 3,000 Gauss

Probably the most straight-forward way to approach this is to calculate the initial and final magnetic flux through the coil.


The induced emf is then:

Make One

To make any Proof of Concept Device a M.E.G. the only thing you need to do different is wrap a coil around the end pieces that would normally drop away and then secure them to the device or setup some kind of support to keep the end pieces in relatively the same spot. Close enough to be attracted back in to position when the field returns.


PESwiki member boobtube713(July 2011) has made several attempts to contact Mr. Flynn directly or indirectly, without success.

Calls to Patrick J. Piper of QM Power Inc. have revealed the company currently only makes prototypes. So they appear to be making motors. However, the price tag is considerable. (July, August 2011)

QM Power Inc. is listed as the assignee in PatNo.7898135USPTO website issued March 1, 2011.

Image:Flynn parallel path amplification 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology > QM Power Commercializing Flynn's OU Parallel Path Technology - QM Power is commercializing Joe Flynn's "Parallel Path" overunity motor and generator technology. With funding from NASA, the US Army & Navy, the National Science Foundation, and DOE they have developed working prototypes and are racing toward the market place! (PESN April 30, 2011)