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OS:Elementary School Projects

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This index will provide a listing of elementary school projects focusing on alternative energy.

Let's get K-12 involved in wind, solar, and other alternative energy technology projects, using technologies that are easy enough and robust enough for them to have a success experience and get them hooked on the idea of free energy from nanatural, non-diminishing sources.

: "We need to lessen our diet for oil... Look at where we are, what will it look like in 10 or 20 years??? We have the brains, resources but do we as a country have the will?? I've always said, the will will come when gasoline is $5.00 / gal... I am more and more convienced that we need to start with elementary kids, tie the concepts to the state ed standards in sci math and technology and stay with it." -- Paul O'Brien, educator in Western MA, USA.

List of Possible Projects

Image:OLPC Computer 95x95.jpg

Directory:One Laptop Per Child - With the XO laptop, children aren’t just learning about the world around them. They are actively learning about learning. Knowledge becomes a part of the journey instead of being simply the end goal. (PESWIKI Sept. 6, 2008)

Image:Raising MattB windmill 95.jpg

OS:Wind:ForceField - Number of designs for building from scratch.

See also

OS - usually advanced, but some could be tailored to elementary or jr./high school level.

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Academy - Developing courses in alternative energy, from elementary through post-graduate level.

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