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OS:Cold Fusion E-Cat Case Design Competition

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: 'Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) has asked for the help of the alternative energy community, in designing the case for his home heating product. He has asked for the community to submit concepts, so he can purchase the best idea from the individual who submitted it!'

Image:Jim Rodney 5kW E-Cat design stacked 300.jpg

By Directory:Hank Mills with Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

October 10, 2011

Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) (Energy Catalyzer), which is a cold fusion technology that utilizes only small amounts of nickel powder and hydrogen gas to produce huge amounts of energy, in the form of heat. The technology holds the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape without producing any pollution or emitting any radioactivity. Simply put, it is an ideal "green energy" technology. This technology will be launching in the next couple months, and the inventor of this novel device needs your assistance!

The first commercial E-Cat product will be a five kilowatt home heating unit. Although the internal workings of the product are complete, an attractive, cost effective, and practical design for the external case is needed. Rossi has requested that people submit design concepts to him, and he will purchase (for an as of yet undisclosed sum) the best design submitted. He promises not to use any design, without purchasing it from the person who originated the concept.

This is a great opportunity for the alternative energy community, that has been following this technology since the beginning of this year, to support Rossi's efforts and the commercialization of this commercial-ready, cold fusion technology.

What He Needs

Rossi has shared with us a clear description of what he is requesting. He needs a container that can hold the cold fusion system with dimensions of 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. This cube will already contain almost all the components of the cold fusion system, including the electronics, reactors, heat exchanger, and shielding. Since this device will be connected to the electric grid, the case will not require batteries or an inverter. It will also not require any type of turbine to produce electricity, because this product is only designed to product heat (hot water or steam) as an output.

Rossi has been specific about what he needs. Here are a few details.

He needs a container to hold the cube, with appropriate places for the hoses to enter and exit the case.

He needs a holder for the hydrogen canister, which will be located outside of the case.

He needs a top cover that can be opened, to allow servicing by authorized technicians.

He states that the cube already has all the necessary insulation, but I do not think that the box having insulating properties would be a bad thing. It could prevent it from heating up to the degree it cannot be touched, and would prevent more heat loss.

There needs to be three slots for the pipes/hoses on one face of the unit to allow connections.

The control panel will be separated from the body of the device.

He has not yet come up with a logo, and has asked for those entering the competition to submit logos as well.

A warning must be placed on the device that reads, "Do not open, only authorized technicians should provide maintenance and refueling services."

He also needs a one inch hole on the top in the middle of the side opposite to the lateral face where the pipes are located, for water or steam.


Here are some issues that I think people should consider when designing a concept to submit to the competition.

Eye Appeal : The device should look attractive. It should make a potential customer think, "That looks really awesome!" or "That looks cool!" Some potential ideas could be unique form factors, futuristic themes, retro themes, or themes that fit with what is taking place inside of the device. Also, very simple (but attractive) themes might be preferred.

Cost : The complete product is only expected to cost 500 Euros per Kilowatt, so the case will be a fraction of that. However, the cost should not be so low that the quality of the case is not acceptable.

Awareness : The case could perhaps integrate a small panel or description that explains the product, shares the specifications of the model, tells what it does, and how to operate it.

Transport : The case should make transporting, moving, and handling the device as easy as possible. The inner cube that will go into the case is expected to be fairly heavy (60 kilograms), so ergonomics and anything else that could make transport of the device easier would be ideal. For example, what if someone wanted to pick a unit up and put it in his car, to transport it to another location? There should be wheels, grips, handles, or other design features that make it as easy as possible to move.

Special insulation : The case may feature unique forms of insulation that could make the device more efficient. It would also prevent someone from being burned if they touched the case. For example, what about using aerogel to stop any heat from leaking out?

Readings : Some basic indictors could be placed on the device that show: the temperature of the outlet water, the amount of hydrogen remaining in the container, if the device is turned on or off, etc.

Official Logo : The E-Cat case should have some kind of logo on it. Rossi does not have an official logo yet, and if someone comes up with a good enough one, he may use it!

Conservation : The case might use recycled materials, green materials, or re-used materials. Of course the use of such materials should not get in the way of attractiveness, durability, robustness, or safety.

Keen : The definition of keen is "very penetrating and clear and sharp in operation "an incisive mind" "a keen intelligence" "of sharp and active intellect." The case should be a smart design, which all fits together in a clear and obvious way.

Safety : Although the E-Cat is a safe device, the case should be designed with safety in mind. At some point the device will have to go through safety certification testing. The case should not be made of flammable materials, or produce hazards.

Please note that we will be posting updates to this page as we get more specific information from Rossi about the requirements of the case design, and what he is requesting in general. We also hope to obtain pictures, diagrams, and as many specifications as possible about the "cube" the case will hold. Such detailed information will aid those who would like to enter the competition.

With permission of the submitters, we would also like to post some of the better designs, so you can see what Rossi is leaning toward, or certain attributes that he likes, and which he doesn't like.

What to Submit

Although there are no rules about what you have to submit along with your concept entry, everyone is encouraged to provide as much content as possible. For example, CAD (computer assisted design) drawings, wiring diagrams for any dials or gauges, image renderings, photos of mock-ups, detailed descriptions, component lists, material specifications, precise part lists, cost estimates, and other specifics would be very helpful to Rossi.

The entries should be submitted in English or Italian, as those are the two languages that Rossi is most familiar with.

Where to Submit

Rossi requested that you send submissions to his email at []. Feel free to carbon copy them to us at [] if you want us to see it as well, being sure to tell us if you don't want it published, otherwise we will assume permission.

Feel free to post suggestions and teaser ideas down below this page in the comments section.

Rossi will be invited to view the comment section to review submissions, and the staff of this site may compose PESWiki pages for the most unique or attractive entries.

Questions for Rossi

Please post in the comment section any questions you have in regards to the specifications of the case, and we will try to get the answers. We cannot guarantee an answer, but we want to provide as much information as possible.

The Winner

We do not have the specifics about what Rossi will pay the winner for the design, when the payment would be made, or what the terms will be. This competition is in the spirit of helping bring an exotic technology to the market place. If your primary intention is to make money, this competition may not be for you. But then again, with how well this technology is likely to do, some king of residual return could be worth very much, if you can get Rossi to agree to that.

Everyone should consider their entries a donation, and consider the possibility of getting paid for their design an "extra." Rossi has sacrificed years of his life, personal businesses, large sums of money, and not long ago his own personal home, to bring this technology to the market place. This project gives us a chance to begin rewarding his efforts. Let's keep the attitude of this competition friendly and helpful, not overly competitive.

Notice to Cynics, Naysayers, Skeptics, and Snakes

You are not welcome to participate in this competition. This competition is only for those who have enough confidence that the E-Cat technology works, that they are willing to spend time and effort to submit an entry.

We will not allow your negativity to interfere with the creative process. Any hostile posts or comments will be deleted.

Lets Get Started

We look forward to seeing your design for the case of the E-Cat home heating product!

Sampling of Submitted Designs

Jim Rodney
Image:Jim Rodney 5kW E-Cat design 600.jpg
Image:Jim Rodney 5kW E-Cat design side-by-side 300.jpg
Image:Jim Rodney 5kW E-Cat design stacked 300.jpg

Hello Mr. Rossi,

[...] Notes:

1. I stayed with a very practical design, nothing too futuristic or outlandish, using fittings and materials that are easily obtainable. Case as shown should be relatively easy to construct.

2. Since it sounded like you were after something that could fit the current E-Cat units, I based the design on your requirements description and on photos of E-Cat prototypes utilized in the 1MW plant.

3. Case would be constructed of metal with 1-2 inches of heatproof rigid or semi-rigid insulation inside.

4. Because I don't have info on specific locations or optimum placements of inputs & outputs, I simply added various fittings and controls, roughly based on prototype photos, that might be associated with H2, water and/or steam flows. These are presently on the case front where they are easily accessible but can certainly be placed anywhere.

5. Simple clamping holder for H2 canister on case side.

6. Aluminum framework serves as protection for H2 canister and also allows for easily ganging or locking multiple units together or for use in vertical orientation - as shown in renderings.

7. Wheels or casters can be easily added.

8. Top of case opens via rear hinges. Closed via latches. Latches can be locked to protect from unauthorized access.

9. I have done no actual engineering work on the design. These renderings are not from working drawings but are 3D concept models only. CAD work and working drawings would need to be done by a third party. However, concept models as I have constructed them are freely editable and design changes are easy to implement.

10. I have not had time to work on a logo design. If a cool E-Cat logo idea comes to me I'll send it along.



Grass Valley, CA USA

- - - - 5kW ECat design.jpg

Another concept drawing of a 5KW E-cat for home use Courtesy

- - - -

Aaron Swanson
Image:Ecat concept ektophase 600.jpg

This was submitted by Aaron Swanson prior to October 25, 2011:

Regarding this submission, Rossi wrote:

> Nice!

> I conserve this.

> Warm Regards,

> Andrea Rossi

Daniel Badoual

Submitted on January 8, 2012

Image:E-cat2-DanBad 500.jpg

Dear mister Rossi,

In attached, 2 pictures about the case of your E-Cat.

The 2 parts of the case are moulded in plastic with fiber glass ( temperature ? ) or moulded aluminium ( corrosion with the water ? )

I made the case longer because I want protect the cartridge of hydrogen with the case.

It is an honor for me to make something for you.

Best regards,

Daniel Badoual

- - - -

Rossi says :

Thank you very much, very nice!

I will conserve it.

Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi


Andrea Rossi did not give a reason for why these proposals by Miroslaw Wydra were rejected, but part of it could be that the control and hook-up connections are not in the right place (front).

Image:E-cat-cover by Miroslaw Wydra 600.jpg

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