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OS:Campaign to build the Millennium Falcon resources

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This is the open edit page for the campaign.

White House Petition

we petition the obama administration to:

Direct Lockheed Martin Skunk Works to build 4 Millennium Falcons for NASA

Since the late 1980s the American government has had the inertia spin point TR-3B hyperspace technology in service. Endorsed by an appearance on the X-Files, numerous pictures and films posted on the Internet show this technology to be real. The TR-3B has 4 spin points, the Millennium Falcon has just 8 main spin points. The Millennium Falcon (YT-1300 freighter) is therefore clearly within the present design and manufacturing capabilities of the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. By Presidential Executive Order, it is hereby requested the NASA budget be reallocated, and 25% marked for funding construction of a fleet of 4 YT-1300 craft over several years.

This petition is now closed - somewhat unsuprisingly it failed to get the necessary signatures. However, anyone can re-open another one with the above text anytime they choose and have another go at going viral on the web.


Proposed by Tim Harwood, I am not planning to lead on this. It is for others to pick up the torch and run with this one. The plan is for a White House Petiton, and eventually Senate Bill, to provide NASA with a hyperspace capable fleet. This page is unrestricted OS and can be edited. There are millions of Star Wars fans out there who can take this on if they wish to do so.