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OS:Caggiano's Fuel Vaporizor System (FIVS)

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: Allen Caggiano is open sourcing his fuel vaporizor technology that holds the potential to boost gas mileage several-fold while also improving performance and reducing emissions. The system involves pre-heating the fuel to over 900 degrees F to remove the additives that prevent vast mileage gains then subjecting the fuel to magnets and electromagnetic fields, resulting in a crystal clear fluid.

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Pure Energy Systems News

June 28, 2011

There are many proposed ways to increase gas mileage in vehicles. Allen Caggiano has developed an interesting technology called the FIVS or "Fuel Implosion Vaporization System" that manipulates ordinary gasoline, and changes it into another form. This new form of gasoline is claimed to be crystal clear, to smell "like strawberries", and to produce huge improvements in gas mileage. He claims that a 1972 Pontiac that normally obtained 16 miles per gallon, obtained 75 MPG with a FIVS unit attached.

If one does some digging on the internet, they can find a long and mysterious story that details the origins of this technology. It is full of conspiracy and suppression. Anyone who wants to learn about the background of this technology can read an article about it, here.

The device is somewhat expensive to build (around $1,200 to $1,500 dollars), and seems somewhat complex. However, if it produces the gas mileage increases that are claimed, it could very well be worth the cost. A set of documents sent to us by Allen can be found linked at the end of this story. It details the components needed, gives the address of a yahoo group where more information can be found, and gives some history about the device.

Here are a few bits of information, from documentation that Allen has provided.

- The unit is mostly composed of T 70/76 Aircraft Aluminum.

- A "racing" fuel pump sends fuel to the FIVS cylinder.

- The inside of the cylinder is platinum plated. This produces a voltage that is important.

- The fuel is heated to very high temperatures under high pressure by a heating element.

- The heated fuel is then exposed to magnetic fields produced by cobalt magnets and electromagnets. This changes the molecular structure of the fuel.

- The fuel is then cooled by a condenser coil.

- A regulator reduces the pressure of the fuel.

- The fuel is then sent to the second fuel pump, and is used to power the engine.

- The timing of the engine has to be moved from dead center to plus ten degrees.

- A new air fuel sensor is installed to bypass the engine's computers.

Allen claims that having this unit installed will result in a large improvement in gas mileage, almost zero emissions, better performance, and a cooler running engine. To learn more, you can check out the documents linked below, or visit Allen's Yahoo group He has stated he will be present each Saturday from 2 to 4PM EST.

If this technology works as claimed, it could be a significant breakthrough. We should thank Allen for open sourcing the technology.

Official Website

This PESWiki page is the official project page.

Official Forum

Live Forum Chat

Each Saturday from 2 to 4PM EST.

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Overview by Allen Caggiano

MY Yahoo group is:

My email is: []

Starting July 2 2011 , at 2pm EST to 4 pm EST and every Saturday thereafter, the inventor of the Fivs Gen V, Allen Caggiano will be on the fivsgenv Yahoo group to answer and all Questions to help you build your own Fivs GEN V.

I Allen Hereby give full permission to build, manufacture use for personal or commercial use the new Fivs Gen V that was prototyped in Holland.

I spent a life time of committed work and mega dollars to bring the fivs Gen V where it is today, I give to the world Free of charge my life work on the Fivs Gen V to include complete photos3d Cad Drawings and complete blue prints of the Fivs Gen V . 100% Free along with personal step-by-step instructions in a Yahoo chat room where I will once a week personal be there live to answer all questions about the construction and operation of the Fivs, Gen V.

I am not opposed to any donations, in fact I would be grateful.

Why am I giving the Fivs Gen V away Free? Well, a lot of you know what happened to the yellow 1973 Pontiac, all the oppression inflected on me, and all the lies, and disinformation posted on the net about me saying I was a fraud, that I scammed mega millions from people around the globe which is all B.S. If it was true I would be in prison NOW. It was only to keep the Fivs gen 1V and V off the market.

The Fivs is a disrupted technology for the US Government. It has the potential to reduce the gas consumption by 76% in a five 5year time frame. They will lose mega $$$$$.

If you don’t know the History of the Fivs then go to the net and type in the word the FIVS, and Fivs Renovation Press.

The most recent events concerning the FIVS Gen V:

MY self and KZ of Holland Built the FIVS Gen 5 in Holland. KZ is a citizen of Holland and Lebanon. KZ shipped a complete Fivs Gen V to Holland which 100% legal in Holland.

But the United States, in the alleged interest of national Security, seized the FIVS Gen V and KZ Bank account,

They charged KZ with shipping a weapon of mass destruction to a terrorist country.

The Us Home land security's reason for Jurisdiction was that the cobalt magnets in the Fivs are used in the trigger housing of a Nuke BOMB. I SAY It's Just MORE B.S.

I urge all who build a fivs not to cheep out and cut corners on cheep materials.

The cost to build a single Fivs Gen V is between 1,200.00 to 1,500.00 USD mainly depending on the cost of platinum.

1: the major material used to build a FGIVS Gen V is T 70/76 Aircraft Aluminum.

A lower grade of [aluminum] will cause a buildup of a sticky substance from the additives put in the gasoline by the Oil Companies to make inventions like FIVS to Fail. We have overcome that problem as you will soon see.

You will need a special heating unit that will heat up the gasoline to over 795 degrees.

Those who are members of the will be provided with the contact person an specs of the heating element.

2: You are thinking heating gasoline to 795 degrees is crazy because it will explode . Right/// NO ITS Wrong.

The Fivs Cylindar is over 1 inch thick made of is T 70/76 Aircraft Aluminum.

Gas is heated to 795 degrees, in a vacuum and under 250 to min 240 llbs pressure. Which keeps the gasoline in a liquid form. ONLY VAPORS CAN EXPLODE NOT Liquid Gasoline.

You don’t believe me?? Then convince your self with a safe test, take ½ cup of gasoline and put it in the freezer for 1.1/2 hr. , take it quickly out side and sink a lit wooden match deep in the middle of the liquid gasoline . The liquid gasoline will put out the flame in the wooden match.

3. The reason that I heat gasoline to 975 degrees is that all known additives that the oil companies put in the gasoline to date will vaporize at 750 degrees or less.

4: we have a digital device that will override all the computer settings like CO sensor, map sensor air flow sensor. Air fuel sensor. It cost about $100.00. Members of will given the contact information for this divice.

The reason you need this device is that cars and trucks manufactured from 2000 to 2011 have computers that over ride any device that increases mileage by 10% or more,

5. 4 cobalt magnets are used all facing south to each other. Each magnet is capable of picking up 150 LBS.

These magnets, along with the magnet carriage, are nickel plated.

The inside of the Fivs cylinder is platinum plated. This is most important, because it generates up to 36 DC volts together with all the other activity in the Fivs as follows

6. Gasoline is plumbed up to the fivs cylinder under 250 lbs pressure, from a racing fuel pump controlled with a pressure switch that when the pressure drops to 240 pressure it restores pressure to 240 psi.

7. Next, 795 degree liquid gasoline now goes through a massive pm magnet and electro magnetic field that completely changes the molecules of the high and low end carbon chain, still under 250 lbs psi. Now the 795 degree liquid gasoline is pumped through a transmission or condenser coil to cool the liquid gas too about 115 degrees. And a regulator to reduce pressure that is compatible with the vehicle fuel pump of the vehicle that the FIVS Gen V is installed.

8. The finished product that comes from the outlet of the FIVS GEN V is a crystal clear, like water, and smells like strawberries. We sent samples to 3 different labs and they don’t know what this fuel mixture [is].

I don’t know what this new fuel is but we do know what it does. 99.6% of this fuel ignites in the combustion chamber. 0.4% ignites as second ignition in the valve chain, and 0% in the catalytic converter.

9. Horse power increases 38% +, timing has to be set from 0 dead center to plus 10 degrees. It depends on the vehicle they are all different.

10. The exhaust, when measured in parts per mil, shows 0

pollutants found. You have to measure in parts per billions to find a trace of pollutants.

The engine runs much cooler. You can take the vehicle on a trip, and as you come off the highway you can put your hand on the catalytic converter. And not burn your hand.

The exhaust is cool like when you start your car on a cold winter day, and the exhaust smells lake fresh cut strawberries. This will increase engine life beyond your wildest dreams, the car will fall apart and the engine lives on.

Want to know more ??? then I will see you live at on Saturday July 2,2011 from 2pm to 4pm est.

Sincerely Allen Caggiano


Compile these instructions into a well-formatted, clear, concise, complete document.

Get a complete list of materials and sources and tolerances.


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