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Peterman Magnet Motor -- Latest

Latest developments in the OS:Peterman Magnet Motor open source project (pending successful duplication).



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Jan. 22, 2006

Brad Peterman writes: "I have a little extra time so I thought I would give a brief update. So far I have been able to purchase some of the materials I will need. I have been able to machine one of the drive wheels. I have recycled the magnets from a previous project to cut costs although I am not 100% sure they will fully work, I may have to bite the bullet and purchase some more. I would like to thank Sterling for the first donation at 100 dollars. I have had many offers to machine the part but I still prefer to keep the parts local so I can oversee their progress. And things can be remachined or touched up very easily If need be. More info will follow in the coming weeks. Thank you everyone for your support."

Jan. 20, 2006

Brad Peterman writes: "I work on my projects when I can [...]. I have been working on my desings and concepts for a long time now without any schedules or deadlines and that is the way I like it. I work better on my own time when I am in the zone. I have a lot going on in my life, including some health concerns. I work 12 hours a day and rarely have time to view my personal email."

Jan. 19, 2006

After that cannon-ball-splash introduction, Brad Peterman has not followed up with reports of how things are progressing (e.g. 1. contacts with machinists 2. donations received thus far 3. answer to question about why he didn't keep doing the home-prototypes, tweaking things, rather than go to the expensive step of machining after only one 'working' prototype 4. a rough budget of how much money he needs to raise for parts.). The machinist I was putting him in touch with said Peterman has not yet contacted him. Peterman's only response thus far is to say that he has been overwhelmed by the volume of interest received, and that he has very little time to attend to this project due to other demands on his time. He said week-ends are really the only time he has to address correspondence. -- Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan

Jan. 10, 2005

OS:BPMM:Fundraising page created to list target amount of fundraiser, and progress toward meeting that target.

Precision Machinist offers services

Mechanical Engineer referred - from Orem, Utah.

OS:Peterman Magnet Motor created for Peterman Magnet Motor. (see announcement)

Project page commences with Peterman's announcement of a design and a transient working prototype. Posted OS:Peterman Magnet Motor.

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