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OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell

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OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell

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Joe Cell Replication Project

In the first part of April, 2006, Bill Williams told a discussion list that he successfully tested a device known as the Joe Cell. It allegedly feeds off Orgone energy and uses electrically charged water as the "gate" or medium through which the aetheral energy is drawn from the surroundings and transferred to the automobile engine. He was in process of disclosing how he accomplished this when confronted on April 11 by two unidentified individuals who told him to cease all of his alternative energy work or there would be dire consequences. Williams complied, but others involved are doing all they can to make sure the information is republished and replicated widely.

See story at (Apr. 13, 2006).

Image:Joe Cell Apr4 2006 300.jpg

The following index page is to link to the various pertinent resources.

If you have information relevant to this project, please feel free to help build this index page so that it is as streamlined as possible: simple, clear, complete. This is a publicly editable site.



Preface Note About Joe Cell Variants

There are three designs out there, what we can call a Joe Cell, a Pete Cell and a Bill Cell. They are different from each other in significant detail. However they are all referred to as a "Joe Cell". This is a superb way for people who are not grounded in the subject to get totally lost. What it means is that a detail can be right but innaplicable to one, or two, of the three designs that are out there. -- Adrian (Apr 21, 2006) [

What we are seeking to do in this project is to replicate the Bill Williams cell, with which he was able to get his vehicle to run, disconnecting the fuel line. Other variants might be touched on as well, to accomplish this objective.


OS:Joe Cell:Materials (separate page)


OS:Joe Cell:Blueprints (separate page)

Image:Joe Cell rev5 95x95.gif


In process of posting not yet complete.

OS:Joe Cell:Instructions (separate page)

Image:Joe Cell by Peter Stevens 95x95.jpg

How to Make and Run a Joe Cell - Interview of Peter Stevens by Adrian Mutimer, to further pin down the process of how to build, prime/charge, and then run a car on a Joe cell. (PESN Apr. 27, 2006)


OS:Joe Cell:Replications (separate index page)


OS:Joe Cell:Images (separate page)


OS:Joe Cell:Videos (separate page)


See: OS:Joe Cell:FAQ (separate page)

addresses such questions as:

What "fuel" is consumed?

What size of tubes do you use?

What kind of water do you use?

How long do you charge the water?

Must there be bubbles in the water?

How will you know if the cell is charged?


Image:Peter Stevens Joe Cell 95x95.jpg

Joe Cell Seminar - July 30, Salt Lake City - Peter Stevens, from Australia, will give a five-hour workshop showing how to build a Joe cell, how to install it on a car, and how to run the car on the Joe cell -- with the car's fuel line disconnected (hopefully!). (PES Network, 2006)

Supression Response

OS:Joe Cell:Supression Response (separate page) - Comments in reply to the threats issued against Bill Williams.

Image:Bullies cartoon 95x95.jpg


OS:Joe Cell:Validation (separate page)


OS:Joe Cell:Theory (separate page)

Discussion Lists

E-gas, was the original list where Bill Williams was posting his information, which was discontinued by Yahoo.

Joe's Cell 2 Yahoogroups - was started by Bill after E-gas was shut down.

View Messages - commenced April 4, 2006.

Last message (21) before Bill turned list posting off "You might have NASA knocking on your door" (Apr 8, 2006)

Peter restores list - "I have been able to restore the site to fully operational lets get this moving" (Apr 11, 2006)

This PESWiki project page is announced (Apr 14, 2006)

Joe Cell Free Energy Device Yahoogroups


?A Fire Chief in Milwaukee Wisconsin is currently serving a suspension for an unspecified length after his superiors charged him under a seldom enacted clause against working on private projects while on duty. The Chief was reprimanded after he

constructed a working Joe Cell in the workshop at the rear of the firehouse. He reported to duty on July 31 to find that his tools, equipment and notes had all been confiscated and was told to report to headquarters to receive an official reprimand. The working Joe Cell had also been taken.

Fire Department personnel who were present when the chief’s items were seized, described four white males brandishing Police Department credentials, who loaded the items into two SUVs. The vehicles were described as Chevrolet Suburbans, navy blue

with no identifying markings or emergency lights. Although one firefighter in attendance is a former police officer and still plays in the Police Athletic Leagues, he was unable to recognize any of the men who showed up that day.

The Chief joined the fire department in 1979 after receiving a degree in engineering from a Wisconsin university. His special talents had served his chosen profession in areas such as developing innovative firefighting tools, re-working rescue tactics and design of apparatus specifications. During the course of his service, he was awarded at least three service commendations including one for an heroic rescue. Calls to administration are addressed with a stock statement that the Chief is considering his retirement


Billiant Idiots all - back-to-back emails of opposite polarity (Apr 18, 2006)

Bills Special Water??

I haven't built one of these yet but after seeing how Bill was harrassed I figured there was probably something special about his setup. In the JoeCell2 Group they continuously mention that Bill used a "special local water" and thats why he had no brown muck and such success.

I think it may have had something todo with instead of using Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), he may have used a non-caustic equivelant that would be Arm and Hammer Washing Soda (not baking soda) and 20 Mule Team Borax.

Both of which you can buy locally in your own supermarket (detergent section) and make you own abundant supply of fuel, but if this is the case the oil companies will get Dubya and the FDA to ban all sale of both said products, citing that they carry H5N1(Bird Flu), or some stupid crap like that.

Worth looking into. If anyone has tried this before, post your results.


1. check ph on water.

2. Raise ph to 14 by adding baking soda.

3. lower ph to 7 or below by adding white vingar.

4. stick in joe cell and cook.

for the stainless steel.

1. demagnetize the tubes.

2. passivate metal with phosphoric acid

Alot of testing went into this. And no more brown scum and the white foam lights off nicely with a sharp ear piercing crack. Now why is that so hard to just say to all. It must be a game or something. But, do this and you will find it works..


:Joecell, Keely/Dynasphere connection

Keely's dynasphere, principles, the same.

:"tenuous matter and energy are both attracted to the sphere just as other subatomic matter and energy are radiating from it."

:The radiating electrical field of the Joe cell becomes coherent with the rings as the sound in the dynasphere.-Second step.??

:This device has been referred to as a "living entity" by Keely a number of times. It becomes a living, breathing entity when it

1) establishes a neutral center

2) establishes a coincident or sympathetic field about itself

3) the device begins to act and react (breathe) to its neutral self

The three stages of the Joe cell.

:As the amplification takes place the space/time begins to take on a stressed condition (pumping a scalar or phase conjugate wave as

Bearden would say).


:and-"Scalar current arises by abruptly bucking magnetic fields onto a caduceus wound or a bifilar wound coil"

:It is as if the abruptly bucking magnetic field manifested a pair production of two macroscopic, oppositely rotating, displacement virtual current vortices in the zero point energy.' These vacuum energy vortices are stabilized and supported by the two symmetric windings.

:Bedini described using this method in his "gravity field generator" where he not only reported "cold conduction" but also a weight change in the apparatus as well. Roz.


Peter Stevens, an Australian who is running a Ford Econovan using the Joe Cell, is glad to answer questions about how to build one, and has agreed to help post a very clear set of plans for any who wish to do so.

He may be reached at ingventor {at}

His skype username is "ingventor" (with g)

Helping Hand Peter says, "would anybody need any help getting their Cell working I'm happy to look and make recomendations to improve it"

Give Peter a Break - "confine your queries to the manufacture, assembly and commissioning of the cell" -- John Carter (Apr 19, 2006)

Back-up Services for this Project - One stop joe cell information page, news, photos, videos, discussions. - Plenty of storage on offer for videos and documentation. Site and all content, plus external content, is backed up on large capacity USB hard disk drives in case of site being hacked. Contact Andrew Gardiner [] - Unlimited memory & bandwidth by Brad. Ideal for larger files posting and linking. instructions

FTP option by PES Network - notify when uploaded, so the files can be moved where they can be accessed by the public. (JoesCell2 posting)

Keith Barrows - I would love to "mirror" all of this information on my site. I can secure files behind logins. appoint 2 or 3 of the crew here as moderators and/or membership admins and help in any way I can.

Google Video - easy to use, very unlikely to be hacked (I haven't heard of any attacks to it so far) and videos can be easily found by inserting keywords in the Google video web search box, without need to download external peer to peer programs.


Joe Cell - Frank Germano's compilation of some of the key material.

Joe Cell Files Lang Family's listing of Joe Cell resources.

Mirror of JoesCell2 Yahoo Group by Steffan at and at (Announced Apr 24, 2006)

Related Project Sites - Mirrors information, along with a fresh presentation. - IPCtec research labs - offical german Joecell site


French - Every links and pages are in english exept for the main page which, is in part, French and maybe a plan description also.

plans and graphics

photo section (mostly from the guide):

Experimenter's Guide (Alex Schiffer's book)

Update to the Guide

Finnish / Suomeksi

(FI) Joen kaasuttaja

Suomeksi sivusto Joen kaasuttajasta

Testi Joen kaasuttajan toiminnasta


(IT) Stiamo traducendo il manuale in lingua ITALIANA

Related Technologies

Image:Kanarev water cell 95x95.jpg

Directory:Kanarev Electrolysis - Introduction and index of works by Professor Kanarev, includes five patents, several books about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell.


OS:Joe Cell:Contacts (separate page)

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