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OS:Appleseed Biodiesel Reactor

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Open source plans for do-it-yourself biodiesel brewing.

Biodiesel Brewing

The Appleseed Processor - Open source plans and instructions for making and using an Appleseed Reactor.


The Appleseed Biodiesel Reactor - 'Open-source' plans for biodiesel homebrewing equipment, using off-the-shelf parts and a water heater. (Localb100) One day job. $150 in parts and plubming. Use old water tank.

Main Page - lists tutorials, equpment, advanced topics, forums

Appleseed Open Source Biodiesel Reactor - Build It Yourself Kits Now Available. Over 80 individual parts plus instructions. (

: "Open source means that she hold no patents and requires no royalties on the design. It has been created for the free use of anyone interested. Basically, it consists of a water heater, an inexpensive water pump, and various off-the-shelf plumbing parts found in any hardware store. Once the parts are gathered, it takes less than 2 hours to assemble, with minimal tools."

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