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Directory:Wind energy technology stories in the news.

News:Wind - current listing


Image:Magenn 2010 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > Directory:Magenn > NASA Takes a Look at the Jet Stream to Get 50 Times More Wind Power - NASA aerospace engineer Mark Moore is using a $100,000 federal grant to research what it will take to create a jet stream-based wind industry 30,000 feet above the ground where winds blow consistently at 150 miles per hour, so kite-type turbines such as those from Kitegen and Magenn ... (CleanTechnica December 31, 2010)
Image:Electric Pinwheels 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine > Electric Pinwheels Wind Turbine Can Be Installed In 8 Seconds - Electric Pinwheels has produced a small, flexible and easily-attachable wind turbine that can help dramatically reduce a family’s energy consumption. Best of all, it can be installed in 8 seconds, without the need for bolts, screws, alignment or balancing. (Inhabitat November 22, 2010)
Image:Winflex 95x95.jpg
Directory:Prizes > Directory:GE Ecomagination Challenge > GE’s Ecomagination Challenge Unveils 5 Winning Energy Solutions - Today General Electric unveiled the winners in its $200 million open innovation challenge, which focused on finding smart solutions to powering our grid. Directory:Capstone Turbine Corporation, ElectricRoute, GridON, IceCode, and WinFlex were chosen from 4,000 submissions. (Inhabitat Nov. 16, 2010)

Directory:Magnets > Directory:Magnets > China Lowers the Boom on Rare Earths - Monday, China embargoed exports of rare earth elements to the United States. Rare earths are integral to most all cutting edge technologies including renewable energy systems (e.g. Directory:Magnet Motors), and China controls 93-97% of the world supply. "Whenever you have a shortage of raw materials in the world, it historically has led to war." (5 Min. Forecast Oct. 20, 2010)

Image:Wind turbinez 845-MW 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Largest > World’s Largest Wind Farm Will Be Built in Oregon - The US Department of Energy has approved the partial guarantee for a $1.3 billion loan to support the construction of the world’s largest wind farm, located in eastern Oregon. The initiative will create a 845-megawatt wind-powered energy generating facility located immediately south of the Columbia River, built on approximately 32,000 acres. (GizMag October 13, 2010)
Image:Totempower turbine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines > Totempower launches to bring affordable, efficient wind power to the masses - A cleantech start-up aims to create small-scale wind turbines that are cheaper, more efficient, and easier to install and maintain than current models. Totempower Energy Systems Ltd has launched, with backing from City University London expected in 2012. (PhysOrg Oct. 13, 2010)
Image:E-Trubine road-wind-harvesting 95x95.jpg
Directory:Energy from Roadways / Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > E Turbine uses air movement caused by moving cars to generate energy - Industrial designer Pedro Gomes has conceptualized a product that can utilize vehicles to generate renewable energy on the highway. The concept is simple: wind generated from passing vehicles turns the E Turbine, which charges a battery, which powers the lights along the roadway as well as information panels and emergency phones. (EcoFriend Oct. 9, 2010)
Image:Mobile-wind-turbine Pope-Design 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind > Mobile Wind Turbine Could Provide Portable Power On-Call - The mobile wind turbine by Pope Design is designed to be deployed where energy is needed and wind is ample. The carrier itself is an electric vehicle powered by the wind energy storage, with a hybrid diesel generator just in case. (Inhabitat Oct. 1, 2010)
Image:Thanet Wind Farm largest 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore / Directory:Wind:Largest > World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Is Activated - On Friday, the UK opened the Thanet Wind Farm, the largest offshore wind farm in the world with 100 turbines spread over 35 kilometres in the North Sea capable of generating up to 300 megawatts of electricity – enough to power over 200,000 homes or a small city. (Inhabitat Sept. 24, 2010)
Image:Joby Energy high-altitude-generator 95x95.jpg
Current events / Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > High-Flying Turbines Could Tap 870 Terawatts of Wind Power - The upper layers of the atmosphere contain as much as 870 terawatts of power! Researchers, startups and even some established players who are serious about capturing that energy, will be gathering for the Airborne 2010 conference at Stanford at the end of this month. (Inhabitat Sept. 9, 2010)
Image:Hybrid wind turbine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Hybrid Wind Turbines Can Generate Power Even When the Wind Isn't Blowing - A Colorado company is introducing a system that will allow wind turbines to generate power even when the wind is not blowing. The SmartGen hybrid gas-wind turbine enables wind turbines to produce energy at periods of low wind, by turning the turbine with compressed air generated at the base of the tower from a turbo-compressor that is run on natural gas or biogas. (EcoGeek Aug. 26, 2010)
Image:MicroWindbelt 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Humdinger Windbelt > Windbelt: Innovative Generator to Bring Cheap Wind Power to Third World - The Windbelt uses the oscillation of a thin strip of material held in tension with a spring to vibrate a magnet that generates electrical power. A 1-meter long frame, called the Windcell, can provide 3 to 5 watts. Arranged into panels a 1 meter square Windcell panel is anticipated to be able to produce up to 100 watts, and have a panel cost of around $1 per watt. (Inhabitat March 8, 2010)
Image:AerogeneratorX 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines / Directory:Wind:Largest / Directory:Wind:Offshore > Massive Aerogenerator Turbine is 3X More Powerful - A new design called the Aerogenerator X would have a massive span of 275 meters and would produce a whopping ten megawatts of electricity — that’s three times the production capacity of typical modern commercial horizontal axis turbines, making it more viable for off-shore applications. (Inhabitat July 26, 2010)
Image:Biomimicry overview 95x95.jpg
Directory:Mimicking Living Organisms > Design Inspiration from Nature – Biomimicry for a Better Planet - From buildings and bridges to materials and medicine – examining the design of nature has aided in the development of almost every aspect of our lives, and most of us – often without realizing – benefit from these inspired revelations several times a day. A overview, including energy applications. (Inhabitat July 16, 2010)
Image:VAWT roof-mount 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > Will Vertical Axis Wind Ever Scale Up? - Vertical-axis wind turbines have been around for thousands of years, yet we still haven't seen modern turbine producers make a dent in the wind market. This is partly due to a reputation of Bozos and Scheisters, which will diminish with more rigorous test results and a new small wind certification council. (Renewable Energy World July 21, 2010)
Image:Cubic mile oil per year 95x95.gif
Directory:Conventional Renewable Energy > Ten PowerPoint Slides That Shook the Earth - If you attend enough cleantech events or are pitched by enough startups, you start to see the same few PowerPoint slides over and over again. Here is a collection of the best or at least the most notorious and historically significant slides in our industry. (GreenTechMedia July 8, 2010)
Image:Rickshaw with VAWT propulsion 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines / Directory:Human-Powered > Directory:Pedal-Power > Wind-Human Hybrid Rickshaw Speeding Down the Streets of Nepal - The wind-human hybrid rickshaw work using windmills made from drum which will rotate when the pedicab began to walk. The windmill is connected to the rear wheels with a side-mounted gear, so when the drum began to rotate its will helps in acceleration, making it easier for the pedicab driver to pedal. (EarthAlternate June 7, 2010)
Image:SkyBuilt solar-wind-battery power system 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Solar / Directory:Wind > Directory:SkyBuilt Power > Skybuilt gets $3.5 million contract with Lockheed Martin to integrate renewable energy into deployable airfield power systems for US Air Force - The Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) program equips U.S. forces with lightweight, air-transportable assets used to establish mobile air bases. The Integrated Smart-BEAR Power System (ISBPS) developed by Skybuilt is an intelligent system that will integrate a variety of energy sources, including renewables. (PR Newswire May 6, 2010)
Image:SolarAero tesla-turbine wind 95x95.jpg
Directory:Tesla Turbines / Directory:Wind > Ultra-Efficient Bladeless Wind Turbine Inspired by Nikolai Tesla - SolarAero recently unveiled a new bladeless wind turbine that offers several advantages over current wind turbines — it emits hardly any noise in operation, has few moving parts, and since it doesn’t use spinning blades it’s much less of a hazard to bats and birds. (Inhabitat May 6, 2010)

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore > Directory:Wind:Floating > Researchers study feasibility of giant deep-ocean wind turbines - A research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is studying the feasibility of placing large wind turbines on deep-ocean platforms. The research, which combines sophisticated computer simulations and water tank studies using physical models, may point the way toward an environmentally friendly source of energy that could potentially fill a significant portion of the electricity needs of 26 U.S. coastal states. (PhysOrg April 28, 2010)

Image:Poseidon wave-wind 95x95.jpg
Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:Wave buoys // Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore > Directory:Wind:Floating > Poseidon: A Power Plant for Wind and Waves - A Danish company says it has designed a platform that can house wind turbines as well as harvest energy from the surrounding waves, having built a small prototype. They are in the midst of completing a larger one, and ultimately hope to build a commercial version that will sport three 1.5-megawatt to 2-megawatt wind turbines or a single 5-megawatt turbine. (Green Tech Media Apr. 26, 2010)
Image:Eyjafjallajokull lava-eruption March24 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Trends / Directory:Free energy > Iceland volcano suggests non-solar/wind alt energy solutions - The volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland that has been grounding air travel and impacting the economy in much of Europe also is not good news for the Directory:Solar and Directory:Wind energy industry, but gives a strong vote for developing other free energy technologies. (PESN April 19, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Tilt-Rotor-Technology logo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - The Blackhawk Project's Tilt Rotor technology introduces a highly efficient method for inexpensively harnessing wind power. The blades have a wing shape, so they are propelled by the lift principle rather than push. The rotor angles automatically adjust or tilt to get the best attack. (PESWiki April 16, 2010)
Image:EWT animation1b 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Ettridge Wind Turbine > Directory:Ettridge Wind Turbine - John Patrick Ettridge has had many inquiries about purchasing and marketing his technology, but he's not had success finding a manufacturer for his vertical axis turbine design that could be cheaper than coal power. It's attributes include low visual impact, pollution-free, negligible noise, wider range of operable wind speeds, no bird kill. (PESWiki April 13, 2010)
Image:GE off-shore-wind-turbine cut-away 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Wind:Offshore > GE’s Gigantic Offshore Wind Turbine is 25% More Efficient - Rather than increasing the size to generate more power, GE is designing longer blades and a more efficient drive train. Investing $453 million in order to mass produce these next gen 4 MW turbines which will be 300 feet tall and have a rotor diameter of 360 feet, GE hopes to release them in 2012 for offshore use in Europe. (Inhabitat March 30, 2010)
Image:Atmos clock 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Power Via Atmospheric Pressure Differences > Directory:Atmos, the Clock Powered by Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Changes - Manufactured in Switzerland since 1935 by Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Atmos clock gets the energy it needs to run from small temperature changes and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and can run for years without human intervention. Might there be more affordable applications? (PESWiki March 31, 2010)
Image:Wind Harvest International VAWT 95x95.jpg
Directory:Vortex Technologies / Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Farms > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > Can This Egg Beater Double the Power Output of Wind Farms? - Wind Harvest International places three or more counter-rotating turbines next to each other to create a vortex. The small-scale cyclone that results effectively increases the available amount of harvestable energy. Could the placement of these on the ground within existing wind farms double the net output? (GreenTechMedia March 24, 2010)
Image:MYT geothermal 95x95.jpg
Latest / Template: 43: Directory:Geothermal / Directory:Engines > Directory:Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine > Angel Labs eyes geothermal for MYT Engine application - The MYT™ Engine as a pump/compressor purportedly exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow -- all in one unit. This attribute makes it ideal for geothermal energy, among many other such applications. The Tesla Corporation, LLC has drilled a well on which to test this out. (PESN Mar. 11, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Eolic Foldable Portable Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Eolic: A Foldable, Portable Wind Turbine - The carbon fiber and aluminum turbine is still in the concept stages, but we imagine that the Eolic could be useful in developing countries or in disaster situations where on-the-grid power isn’t available. If it’s quiet enough, the Eolic might also be popular among energy-conscious homeowners. (Inhabitat Jan. 21, 2010)
Image:Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Parker's Spiral Air Foil Wind Turbine > Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine - Inventor Dan Parker has come up with a wind turbine design that resembles an oversized drill bit, which he says could revolutionize the wind energy market because the turbine can deliver three to five times more power than a three-blade windmill and can begin harvesting at much lower speeds. (Concord Monitor Jan 18, 2010) (See videos)
Image:Whitelee Windfarm Glasgow UK 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Farms > Directory:Wind Farms > Wind farms produced 'practically no electricity' during Britain's cold snap - The cold weather has been accompanied by high pressure and a lack of wind -- something that could turn into a crisis when the UK is reliant on 6,400 turbines accounting for a quarter of all UK electricity demand over the next 10 years. (Telegraph UK Jan. 11, 2010)





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